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Goa Engineering College

Jeremy Noronha
As February 2016 came to an end, I sat in class to answer my internal tests for the second semester of engineering. Midway into the exam, I looked around the class, looked at the piece of paper in front of me and it finally dawned on me that nothing that I was learning would actually help me in the real world, that I was wasting my time and this degree would never help me achieve what I wanted out of life.I whispered to myself a sad, “I don’t belong here…” and I walked out a minute later, never to enter a classroom again.For a while, I knew that being in engineering was a huge mistake for me and I began skipping class to read books that would actually help me in life and taking courses on Edx.But how do I explain that to my parents? My parents belong to the middle working class of India and hence have only lived in a reality of working at a job. They would not completely understand the opportunities that “this internet thing” created for each and every one of us.