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Arvalem Waterfall

Trip Jodi
Moving ahead, the road was ending at a gate which was opened and that's the entry to Waterfalls. There is no entery ticket charges to visit the waterfall. Inside the gate is one of the famous temple in Goa, the Shiva/Rudrswar temple.On one side of the temple stairs are constructed leading to water falls. We could hear the splashing noise of water, while climbing stairs. In the first turning of the stair, the water falls was visible -- It was a nice view, we took few snaps there. As it had rained that day, we were lucky to find water, else we wouldn't have seen this beauty.We plan to visit there in a monsoon.
Arvalam WaterfallWe have explored and got this place by seeing this picture we decided to go and traveled this place. Climate is good and places we crossed is looking good in between it was drizzling, we didn't stop our travel. We have decided to go some places when return by seeing.It took some time for us to travel the falls.
3. Harvalem WaterfallHarvalem or Arvalem waterfalls are small but beautiful waterfall located in Arvalem near Sanquelim in South Goa. A comparatively safe waterfall turns into a riotous and ravishing sight in and after monsoon.
After exiting the plantation, we headed towards Arvalem waterfall, Sanquelim about 20 km from the place. This journey took almost an hour, since it started raining heavily and we had to take shelter at many places in between, including a stranger's attic. Not surprisingly when we reached the place, the water was ferocious due to the rainfall, and people weren't allowed to go near the water. Staircases and small islands, where people usually hang out were completely submerged. The water which rose after splashing was enough to make everyone around drenched in water. I just managed to get a picture of the waterfall.
Meghana Desai
We visited Goa in the month of June as we wanted to explore the beauty of Goa in monsoon but at the same time wanted to stay away from the harsh rain of south west monsoon as we wanted to explore the place. My husband had googled about this waterfall but was not very much sure about the place. Its almost an hour drive from panjim so one day after having breakfast we took a chance and left for the Arvalem waterfalls.Arvalem waterfall also known as Harvalem fall which is located near Mapusa village. The closest village is Sanquelim which is 2kms. Away. You need to have your own vehicle or hire one as public transport is available up to Sanquelim only and from there one can reach the waterfall after 2kms of long walk. We had our own vehicle so we reached there comfortably.