Locals DISTRICT brings you India's first techno and house music festival


From traditional folk music festival to techno and house music festivals, Rajasthan has had some of the most diverse music festivals in the country. DISTRICT 2019 is coming up and here is your chance to grab your tickets to this insane music festival held on the grounds of an 18th-century castle.

What is Locals DISTRICT Festival?

Locals, an underground electronic music group started by Vijay Kumar, went one step ahead by starting DISTRICT, a three day festival for all the electronic music lovers out there. DISTRICT Music Festival is India’s first and "none of its kind" techno music festival which features more than 40 artists from all over the country. With straight 72 hours of fun and celebration of music, there is no concept of night and day here. Leave your eye-masks at home.

When is Locals DISTRICT Festival?

The festival will take place from March 1 – 3, 2019.

Where is the festival happening?

The festival is going to take place on the grounds of Kalwar Castle, located 25km from the city of Jaipur. Castle Kalwar is an 18th-century castle turned into a heritage hotel. One needs to cover the 25km from Jaipur by road, to reach Kalwar.

Why should you go?

This year’s theme of the festival is going to be Origami. This fest is different from other music festivals in Rajasthan because it centres around the genre of Techno and House music. To go with the live music and to keep you entertained, there are also various features like laser and light shows, live programming and projection mapping for you.

Last year's edition of the festival featured some of the most talented artists around the country. Few of them were; Blot, Kohra, Eric Volta, Ash Roy, Calm Chor and Adam Rahman. These artists performed on four different stages of the venue. Thus, bringing the whole world of Techno and House Music on one platform.

So, what are you waiting for, Christmas? Book your tickets to this three days grand music festival now and have once in a lifetime experience in the 18th-century castle of Kalwar.

What about tickets?

Get a three-day full access pass to the fest for ₹5,930, which can be easily bought here.

Check out more details here or head to their official Facebook page for all the latest updates.

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