Udaipur & Mount Abu solo trip.

4th Aug 2019
Photo of Udaipur & Mount Abu solo trip. by Anurag Singh Bisht
Day 1

Day 0-1
Solo trip is sometimes better than grouped one.Actually it does not require any prepration or prior commitments,jst go n move with the flow.I started my journey from Gurgaon. I was aware that my next few days will be hectic so i took a deep sleep (or tried to pretend just for a psychological win over tiredness) in train. I reached at Udaipur which is also named as city of lakes around 7:30AM (chetak express). Due to good sleep I was refreshed and got fresh in train itself.I came out from station and had a cup of tea. My wish list was ready. First i visited d Jagdish temple.I was alone so no limitation, hence i was walking in d street nd took help from bikers n they dropped me in patches. Temple was open and after starting my day from temple my next target was city palace.It was nearby to Jagdish temple, so before visiting the city palace i took my breakfast (poha n kachauri). Now i went to city palace which is famous for history n architectural design. City palace is situated on the bank of lake Pichola. So after 2 hour palace visit i took the tickets for boating in lake Pichola (ticket was 300INR for boating n 30 INR for entry in d zone). Boat runs in every 1 hour or less than that. So i took a boat around 12:00 PM. Here one can see the taj hotel(entry is allowed only for those who have their prior booking), jagmandir n garden(one can visit this place as boat stops here for 20-30 min even one can stay more n come through other boat, i stopped here more for some photography). After this i went to Karni temple(from city palace one can go through auto, but i was solo so preferred the help from bikers).A trolly goes to the top of the temple. Here temple as well as Dargah are together.I visited both the place.From here one can find a very beautiful n panoramic view of the city. Now i was hungry and want to feed some light stuff (coz in my wish list of dinner some Rajasthani cuisine was involved) so after having noodles i realized that i have less time n i have to cover more places. So i hired an Auto person (only in 500 bucks) N told him to help me for my purpose. He was ready (Mr Rajendra-a good man indeed).He was local man and he knows all d routes properly. He helped me for visiting d places like fateh sagar,moti mangri (maharana pratap statue n museum with ticket 100INR),under d sun aquarium (place with national n international fishes n other aquatic members with ticket 124 INR), sahaleyon ki bari (Famous garden with natural greenery and fountains with ticket 20INR),Sukhadiya circle park(park with small lake with boating facility),Bagore ki Haveli(Traditional Rajasthani dance and cultural events with ticket of 90 INR) ,Gangaur ghat(place of bank of pichola with beautiful night view of Taj and Jagmandir).At the end of Gangaur ghat visit, i was tired heavily. So on d spot i took a hotel(it was off season so i got a well furnished room in 700 INR). As i was in d impression that i have covered d major part of the city so tomorrow’s target was Mount Abu that too on without any prior bookings or prepration.

Day 2

Day 2:
My day was started with lazy mode. I was in hotel... King size bed and deep sleep. Actually I was tired since day 0 n 1day n today's target was oriented towards Mount Abu.There are lots of buses from Udaipur to Mt Abu. I checked that one was on 9:00 AM. So i thought i will take this, but laziness is mother of all d emotions, thatswy i was still in bed up to 8:15AM n was in dilemma to sleep more or go ahead, but finally travelling instinct overcome d  laziness n very quickly i jst wake up and checked out from hotel. It was around 8:45AM and i was literally running to catch my bus. After reaching my stop (few minutes before d departure time) i tried to book my ticket then knew that i cant (time up). It was really disappointing 4 me. I was standing near town hall, suddenly saw a bus of RSTC and it was up to Mt Abu. I cant express that how much happy i was in that moment... Bus Fare was only 200 INR. So i enjoyed this random surprise.Route from udaipur to Mt Abu is superb with ample amount of greenery. it took me around 4 hr to reach Mt Abu. After reaching the station i jst hired a taxi,(only 300 INR on sharing basis) who promised me to show all d main attraction of Mt Abu.I visited the below places somnath mahadev temple which is also famous as sant sarovar, delwada jain temple(spiritual place for all.To maintain integrity of d place n due to security reasons camera phones were not allowed here), Achalgarh temple(Lord shiva temple),Peace park(green n pollution free park),Guru Shikhar Peak(one of d important n highest place of d Mt Abu, which contains a temple of lord dattatrey, followed by beautiful scenic view of Mt Abu),honeymoon point(natural view point),Nakki lake(in d heart of Mt Abu for boating n photography and was d final drop off point).So these were d points covered during Mt Abu visit. Rest it contains a crowded road nearby to nakki lake and have lots of food points (dominos, ccd n local one). Late night weather was good n lots of tourist were roaming out in d road.I randomly searched 4 a hotel n get it very easily (may be due to off season). But the staff was very helpful.Next day I have to catch my bus from Mt abu to udaipur, and one staff dropped me up to my destination on early morning.Thus Overall experience of Mt Abu was superb.Tomorrow's target was back to Udaipur.

Day 3

Day 3-4:
After having a pleasant time in Mount Abu,i have to come back in day three. There were lots of buses available from Mt Abu to udaipur or vice versa. From train, Abu road station is d nearest one but is around 17 km from the hill station so for me direct road trip was more convenient. As my trip was random one and unplanned so 1 day before my returning, i tried for tatkal reservation from Abu road station but unable to get it, so later on changed d plan and decided to come back Udaipur again. My hotel staff in Mount Abu was very nice n co operative.In day three my bus was around 7:00AM so i wake up early in d morning so that i can reach d station on time but my hotel staff dropped me up to station n before boarding took me a superb morning tea shop so thanks to him(He was Mr Prabhu).Again it took me around 4 hrs to reach Udaipur.I have proper road map for today.On day one i was thinking that my Udaipur destination has been covered but i was wrong because many more places were yet to be visit...There was one place Shilp Gram Museum. I was aware that it was in the outskirts of Udaipur. So when i was about to reach i jst started my gps for shilp gram and was trying to optimize the distance.When it showed that distance was 3.5 km i jst came out from bus, and took an auto rickshaw up to Shilp gram Museum.This place is famous for the culture of rajasthan n gujrat.It has lots of old hut structure of different states,1 hour folk dance event representing d culture of indian states specially Gujrat/Maharasta/Rajasthan and sclputure park.It was worth watching place (entrty fee was 55INR)in Udaipur.After this i visited Sajjan Garh park & zoo(37 INR is entry fee) as it was in 3km range so one can go via golf car(80 INR per member) or bicycle.I have less time so i went through golf car.This place has lots of animals in zoo.Adjacent to this park we have Sajjan Garh palace (Entry fee is 70 INR). This palace is on the top of d udaipur so can be travelled through either by own vehicle or by government cabs(95 INR is the fee).This palace was on the name of King Sajjan Singh.This palace is situated on aravali hills and previously used in monsoon season for forecasting the weather and rain, hence also famous as Monsoon Palace.I just got to know that in 1983, james bond movie octopussy were filmed  on location right over here.This palace was featured as the  residence of villain.One can capture a panoramic view of Udaipur city from here.Apart from that there is one place vintage car museum.This place has old vintage cars which includes different model of Morris(UK) chevrolet truck(USA), Vauxhall(UK),Rolls royce (UK),Mercedes Benz(Germany),Buick (USA) and many more.These cars were of the manufacturing year ranges from 1924 to 1989, and are in proper working conditions.They have their own workshop and mechanic for their maintainence/servicing.These vintage cars r private property of king. Entry fee for this museum was 400 INR.One who is interested in automobile/cars then he/she must visit this place.Thus after visiting this museum i realized that its time up.. n  completed my Udaipur trip successfully. i came back to Delhi via Mewar express thus on day 4four, i was in Delhi.Special Thanks to my friends Bharat for sponsoring my travel expenses.Shekhar for providing me d other quick facilities like pick n drop,Preeti bhabhi 4 ear phone(most important partner in solo travelling) and Angeera bhabhi 4 her pink umbrella :P
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