Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh: An Experience Of A Lifetime

27th Jan 2016
Photo of Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh: An Experience Of A Lifetime 1/1 by Manish

It's a mixed feeling when you walk through that bridge to do the act at your own risk, the giant bridge and platform structure looks horrible when you see it from long distance and then you reach this monster to experience something which you want to experience for lifetime.

At first when you stand at the edge of the platform it's scary, then the trainer behind you motivates & continuously instructs you to not look down. But you look down because we are Indians, it's in our blood to so something that we are told not to.

When you see down its mad super scary but, but trainer said one thing "you have traveled from Mumbai to Rishikesh for this" then you take all your courage & jump.

When you jump its the most awesome feeling ever. Your head goes down, hands are open, everything becomes slow and looks fuc***g awesome. The view is super crazy, the greenery around, gray mountains & that blue Ganga water down there, is EPIC.

After few seconds you get the mad jerk & harness pulls you up the feeling is almost like you got hit by car. In some time jerk gets over, again you go down, again same feeling & you open the hands to feel the same experience.

After some time everything gets stable & you start screaming because you have done it & now you are standing with epic memory.

Take a look at the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOPe39TE8a4&feature=youtu.be

(Whole journey to Mumbai - Rishikesh is coming soon keep following & keep travailing :)

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