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Rome by Golf Cart: Guided Customisable Tour

14th Jan 2014
Photo of Rome by Golf Cart: Guided Customisable Tour 1/2 by Eva Polino
Photo of Rome by Golf Cart: Guided Customisable Tour 2/2 by Eva Polino

There are many ways to tour around the eternal City. Rome is full of works of art and each one can choose his own way to tour it, but for those who want to see the main highlights in one day with a guide, private golf cart tour is the best way!


  • The essential highlights in one day
  • Many itineraries available
  • Up to 3 per Cart (with the guide) - up to 4 each additional cart (or 3 if you wish to have a driver to pay extra)
  • Licensed tour guide/driver on board
  • Customized tour based on your preferences
  • "Pay per hour" & "pay per cart" formula
  • Comfortable and relaxing tour
  • The tour that respects the ecology suitable for all ages
  • Cover the most in a short time. Avoid traffic using pedestrian areas

Once in Rome is proud to present  “ROME TOURS on a Golf Cart”. The best private cart tour of Rome. You'll drive through the streets of old Rome comfortably seated in an ecological electric car. You'll have a tour with a commentary in English, Spanish. Portuguese or French and enjoy the quietness of the shady, narrow back streets and you'll be amazed by the stories they can tell. Your guide will drive you through the main highlights of Rome but you will have a completely different experience then other tourists. You are not only touring Rome, you are spending a day as Romans do. You'll breathe Rome, smell it, touch it, here it and feel it. Touring Rome with us in a fully open electric car is certainly a better way to explore the Eternal City than seeing everything through the windshield of a car or walking in the heat of the sun. This tour is the best you can get as your guide will introduce the city as a friend who's taking you where Romans would go!

Option 1) build your own custom tour with us 

Option 2) choose one of the routes organized by us

Our Cart Routes 

Rome Squares and Fountains 3h

This tour will take to see some of Rome's highlights such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

These are four places that a visitor can't miss and generally travel agents make it a walking tour since it's not easy to drive and park a regular car in those sites and they are pretty close together. Walking to all four sites though is not easy either; walking for four hours, especially in the heat of the summer is not the most pleasant thing one can do! So, if you don't want to, or you can't, walk for so long on the cobblestones in the heat, the golf cart tour is the best solution. Not only you don't get tired but you also get to cover more ground and get to see more places in the same amount of time. In Rome, every street corner has a story to tell and you'll be surprised by how many hidden gems you'll discover driving through Rome in a golf cart.

Ancient Rome. 4h

We will drive to the geographical center of Rome, Piazza Venezia, where the Monument to King Victor Emmanuel II is and then climb the Capitoline Hill. From there we will be able to get a bird-eye view of the Roman Forum, but we'll also walk in the most beautiful square in the world: the Capitoline Square which was designed by Michelangelo in the same years when he was painting the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel!For those who would be interested in seeing a great Panorama of Rome, we would like to give you the possibility to ride an elevator to the top of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II and get a 360° view of the Eternal city. We will then continue driving towards the Colosseum and the arch of Constantine and stop for a visit. We then proceed to the Aventine Hill from where we'll be have a great view of the Circus Maximus and the ruins of the Imperial Palaces on top of the Palatine Hill.

Tour of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome & more. 3h

The Jews have been a constant presence in Rome since the 2nd century B.C. and venturing through the streets of the Ghetto is really a pleasant experience. On our way to the Ghetto of Rome, we drive through the quaint narrow streets that are so typical of Rome like in the old times when the Jews were confined in the Ghetto and walked back to it tired after a day of work. The real Ghetto though, was destroyed 1888 because considered insalubrious and "against the humanity", meaning that the place was too bad for humans to live there, but the streets by which we get to the Jewish area of Rome still give us a pretty good idea of what the Ghetto of Rome was like. We will also wonder onto the Tiber Island and cross the river to drive though the Trastevere area where the Jews lived at the time of the Roman Empire and eventually climb the Aventine Hill where the Jewish Cemetery of Rome used to be and we now have the Rose Garden of Rome. From the Aventine Hill you also get a beautiful view of the Palatine Hill and the Circus Maximus and, once there, why not take a look at the famous key hole?.The Synagogue cannot be visited independently from the guided tours scheduled by the institution itself. The golf cart tour can arrange to get the permit to visit the Synagogue and in case you wish so, we will plan the tour to get there in time for the scheduled tours, but you'll need to let us know that by latest 2 days prior the tour date. The Synagogue cannot be visited during the Sabbath and other religious holidays.

Roman life and hidden sights 4h

Touring around Rome in a golf cart you can really see the hidden side of the city, what the tourist don't get to see. You can go for a walk through the market place in Campo de' Fiori, drive through the back streets where you see the artisans at work in their shops: the upholsterer making a couch, the blacksmith putting a new lock on an old door, the carpenter restoring an antique piece of furniture and ...well dressed executives discussing their business while sitting in a sidewalk café!. You'll get to see that Rome is not a place of tourists only, but it's a real city where people live their lives like in any other city. You'll get to see all kinds of Italians and not only your hotel concierge, your guide and the ticket clerk at the Colosseum. You'll really get to know Rome! We'll take you to see some really impressive sites that other tourists don't even know exist! For example, a lot of people walk right by the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva and don't even think of taking a look inside ignoring that it's one of the richest churches in Rome and that they can freely walk in and get to see works of Michelangelo, Bernini etc.

Angels & Demons 4h

The places mentioned in the booklist: the Pantheon, Piazza del Popolo and Santa Maria del Popolo; Santa Maria della Vittoria, St. Peter's Square, Tiber River near Tiber Island (which is really called the island of St. Bartholomew, but no one seems remember that), Piazza Navona, the "Passetto" and Castel Sant'Angelo. I don't think we're leaving something out, or are we? Oh yes! The Tomb of Peter, the Sistine Chapel and the Pope's Private Residence.Of course you understand that we cannot take you there, the Pope residence is private and to visit the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's you need to do a separate tour, it takes four hours to see those places.We start from Piazza del Popolo and Santa Maria del Popolo where the Chigi Chapel is, the one with the "pyramids"Then we drive to Castel Sant'Angelo to see the "Passetto", the secret corridor that links the castle with the Papal Residence.If time allows it, we can stretch the tour to include St. Peter's Square. We'll then follow the Tiber River to Tiber Island, we'll stop to take a look and eventually walk on it. Crossing the river again we arrive to Piazza Navona and next to the Pantheon.Finally we'll visit Santa Maria della Vittoria and see the "Ecstasy of St. Therese". We'll adjust the itinerary according to the hotel where you are staying

Full day of Rome. 8h

Mix 2 of the listed tour you prefer! We might extend the itineraries adding a visit to the Catacombs. (fees not included, we can book for you  "skip the line" ticketsOr make your request, if possible we'll be happy of showing you everything you wish.

Rome by night. 3h (extra cost + 21% cash to the guide)

Rome is spectacular at night, the atmosphere change completely! If you want to experience the main highlights of Rome by night the golf cart is what will give you the best in the easiest way!You'll be met at your hotel or at the restaurant where you'll decide to have dinner at and you'll be driven around the city for three hours to see all the incredible attractions of Rome illuminated.You'll be driving the narrow streets and evocative squares and enjoy the fresh air and the shows of the street artists.

What's Included:

• Golf Cart renting• Licensed tour guide• Snack & water bottle for each pax on board

What's Not Included:

• Entrance fees• Foods• Tips for the guide

Good to Know:

add to cart the number of hours you wish to purchase, then select with us the route that is most suited to your needs. keep in mind that the cart can accommodate up to 4 people, but the first cart can have a maximum of 3 passengers being also hosted the tour guide on board.

Price for 3h tour:

1 to 3 pax Group €. 360

4 to 7 pax Group (one of the pax drive a second Cart) €. €. 500

4 to 7 pax Group (one of the pax drive a second Cart) €. €. 700

Price for 8h full day tour:

1 to 3 pax Group € 900

4 to 7 pax Group (one of the pax drive a second Cart) €. €. 1400

4 to 7 pax Group (one of the pax drive a second Cart) €. €. 1650

*driving the golf cart is very simple, does not require a license and driving on the roads are very safe, because it remains in the historic center, where it is prohibited the circulation of cars