The best Road Trip through Nilgiris Mountains

17th Jan 2021
Photo of The best Road Trip through Nilgiris Mountains by Shaheen
Day 1

Road Trip covering  the most beautiful  landscapes  of nilgiris  Moutains covering  3 major cities  Ooty,  Coonoor, kotagiri. 
Started from Gudallur,  town in the tamilnadu district
Its a transit  town connecting Kerala, karnataka and tamilnadu .
From Gudallur  i drived towards the Mudumalai national park
It was a peaceful drive where i spotted some deers and peacocks , after a few km i took  a right turn to Mudumalai  Ooty road (via Masinagudi).
The fun of the road trip starts  here... the roads are narrow  and we are in the  deeep woods where we can
Many  wildlife mostly  bison and elephants ..

Photo of Mudumalai by Shaheen

Our next major  town is Masinagudi, it is a small friendly hill town located in the Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu state. It is situated one hour away from the famous hill station, Ooty. This is a perfect place for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.
And i drived towards  ooty through  the ghat section ,
It's a steep road we have to be extra careful while driving in this ghat section

Masinagudi forest section

Photo of Masinagudi by Shaheen

After 1hour drive from Masinagudi  we reached ooty ,the queen of hills , we stopped  for a quick Breakfast  at A2B, in ooty commercial street
And we headed towards Coonoor through the highway

Photo of Ooty by Shaheen
Photo of Ooty by Shaheen

We reached coonoor  , 2nd city in our trip  and we planned  to visit  Sims  park in coonor which was one the way .

Sims park, coonoor

Photo of Coonoor by Shaheen

After a 1 hour drive  we reached our 3rd city and we planned  to visit  kodanad view point which a 40min drive from kotagiri town

Photo of Kotagiri by Shaheen

Kodnad view point

Photo of Kotagiri by Shaheen

If u guys have any queries  about  the roadtrip please message me