Weekend at Kodaikanal

19th Jun 2015
Photo of Weekend at Kodaikanal 1/3 by Lakshmi Mandiga
Villa Retreat
Photo of Weekend at Kodaikanal 2/3 by Lakshmi Mandiga
Villa Retreat
Photo of Weekend at Kodaikanal 3/3 by Lakshmi Mandiga
Coaker's Walk

It was a family vacay, the travel from Kodai Road Station to Kodaikanal (90kms) was scenic but also a bit stretchy. The hotel was a beauty and we soon discovered, so is the whole of Kodaikanal!

Coaker's park and the walk around the lake were the highlights for me. The cake from Party Corner and the Meals from Astoria made up for the lack of good food in general.

Weather: It was drizzling 80% of the time, nothing too bad, carry umbrellas/headgear.

Right Next to Coaker's walk and Bryant Park. Excellent view from the garden. Room service is to the point.
About 1km of picturesque walk on top of a mountain, there are Telescopes for a better view.
You get in through the Bryant park entrance and get out of Anna park near Kodai Lake. Huge collection of flora.
Popularly known as the suicide point, is currently suicide proof! Lots of monkeys around, if you fancy them. You can also shop for souvenirs.
It was worth the entry fee of 2 rupees, take a few selfies and that's that.
So the usual thing to do would be boating, Mom and I choose to walk the circumference of the lake instead, tons of eucalyptus trees make the place smell heavenly, most trees have the scientific name and a bit of trivia written on them. We came across a Sai Baba temple too.
1. Cream Roll ( It actually is a cream bun): Yummy, sells at an unbelievable fast rate. 2. Pear Cake: ( Janice saying: Oh My Gaaaaaaaaaawd!), IT'S THAT GOOD! 3. Coffee: any other place, this would have been an ok coffee, but in Kodai, it's the best.
1. Meals: Good! 2. Idly: Soft!!