8 Incredible Horse-Riding experiences in India that you shouldn’t miss out on!


If you can get to explore a place through many of the mundane means that everyone usually does or a horse-back ride through the place, what would you choose? The answer’s pretty obvious. There’s no denying that horse-riding can make your travel a dreamier and a fancier experience compared to anything else.

There are many such places in India which offer some great horse-riding experiences and each one will leave you feeling in awe of not just the ride but also of the place. We picked eight such horse-back experiences you should definitely savor at least once in your life!

If wandering amidst all the palaces and forts of Udaipur isn’t enough to make you feel like royalty, a horse ride among them should definitely do the job. There are many horse trails and tours that you can book for yourself in Udaipur which take you through the lakes and palaces of the city but also through the Aravalis and the jungles on the outskirts of the city. Here’s where you can book some horseback rides in Udaipur - Thrillophilia, Princess Trails

You’ve probably explored all the rugged lands of Ladakh where the four-wheelers can’t get into on your bikes but do you know that there’s another means to getting around here? And yes, we’re talking about horseback riding. Many places in Ladakh such as the Zanskar valley, Penzela pass, Gelugpa monasteries and Panikhar fort can all be explored on a horse and what an experience riding on a horse within Himalayas would be! Here’s where you can book to live that dream – Equus journeys , Unicorn Trails.

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Photo of Ladakh Vacation, Leh by Anila Kopparapu

One horse riding experience that you’re sure to remember is the one at Mahabaleshwar where you will get to ride among the lush green and sometimes colourful landscapes of the place. Tourists have been taking up horse riding along the Table land point and around the Venna lake of Mahabaleshwar since quite a few years for all the scenic beauty they get to experience while riding a horse. Along with the horse rides, camels rides of Mahabaleshwar are quite popular too.

The beautiful Gulmarg can also be explored by riding a horse around the stunning landscapes and the slopes and there’s no denying that you’ll have a breathtaking experience soaking in all the beauty of the place on the back of a horse. Some trails take you through the country side of Gulmarg while you can explore just the landscapes in some. Here’s where you can book yourself a horse ride in Gulmarg before you actually get here. The horses can take you from 5km treks like the Gulmarg – Khilanmarg trek and some which cover upto 50 kms all the way to another city from Gulmarg. Here’s a place where you can book a horse ride in Gulmarg.

A horse-back ride can take you from the heart of the pretty town of Shillong to its very highest point which is at 1966mts from the ground and the view of the city from here is breathtaking. Along with that, you can also explore the town and all of its colonial era architecture along with the stunning landscapes on the back of a horse. Here’s where you can book a horse-ride in Shillong.

Yet another beautiful hill station that belongs to Kashmir, Pahalgam, has got plenty of activities for use to do – skiing, trekking, angling and then there’s one that beats them all – horse riding through the snow capped mountains and the lush greenery. A great means to exploring the stunning landscapes of Pahalgam is by riding a horse and this activity is quite popular here too as four wheelers cannot go through most of these rugged roads and the mountain slopes. Here's where you can pre-book your ride in Pahalgam.

A hill station that lies close to Mumbai, Matheran is a beauty with all of its forests and hills. There are a whole lot of treks and view-points in Matheran which need you to climb and walk around quite a lot in some really rugged lands. This sure is fun to some people but if you’re not game, then riding a horse is one way to do all the exploring. And it’s a fun alternative too! Pre-book your Matheran horse rides here.

Yumthang valley is one of those beautiful places that belongs to the North-East with all of its grass carpeted mountains and the many species of colourful flowers. There’s plenty of walking around and trekking to do in this valley amidst these landscapes and alongside the Teesta river. A great way to experience all this beauty is through a horse ride in the valley. You can pre book a ride here

Have you been to any of these places and had the chance to explore them on a horse? You can share your experiences here

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