29th Aug 2019
Photo of Coorg by Nandhu Venugopal
Day 1

Team trip was more like facing another season but the outcome as always,  every travel does have fairytale moments.

Its a common saying in every blog,  suffering is part of the plan.I believe you will presume it from now on,  for every travel.

Although I wasnt packed with the full fledge idiots, there was enough heads around me to make it a remarkable journey.

Very first change from the inception was drinking became official , a mini pub inside the buffalo like bus.
Although one person must stand up to take the initiative to do the refilling properly at fixed intervals we all need someone to be the scapegoat at the end for all the wrong reasons.
@arun thankyou for the proper refilling.It was like giving the key to the right person.

There were moments I kept on thinking why I travelled this far, only to drink with no limits?
Still the pool, beer and temple were the best part of plan.Dreaded Combos!

The magical spells!!
We Climbed 250+ steps to reach The summit of Mullayanagiri to see the deity.
When we took our baby steps to climb down with a slight hesitation to leave the diety over there,  she waited to expell us from the  worriness of life for a minute or two.

Was it a rain?
Was it  a snowfall?
Neither, It was a peace summit only the howling wind can offer. For that moment of blissfulness I should say it was worth to suffer.

Are we a team just in numbers. Certainly Not..

Photo of Coorg by Nandhu Venugopal
Photo of Coorg by Nandhu Venugopal
Photo of Coorg by Nandhu Venugopal