My history in the land of mystery: Egypt


The desert Safari !

Photo of The desert Safari ! by Tanvi Nadkarni

The Nile view

Photo of The Nile view by Tanvi Nadkarni

Road to Black and white desert

Photo of Road to Black and white desert by Tanvi Nadkarni

exploring black and white desert

Photo of exploring black and white desert by Tanvi Nadkarni

ancient Egyptian temples

Photo of ancient Egyptian temples by Tanvi Nadkarni

ancient Egyptian alphabets

Photo of ancient Egyptian alphabets by Tanvi Nadkarni

Red Sea

Photo of Red Sea by Tanvi Nadkarni

Climbing up the Mount Sinai

Photo of Climbing up the Mount Sinai by Tanvi Nadkarni

Citadel in Cairo.

Photo of Citadel in Cairo. by Tanvi Nadkarni

Citadel of Qaitbay

Photo of Citadel of Qaitbay by Tanvi Nadkarni

Roman theatre

Photo of Roman theatre by Tanvi Nadkarni

Alexandria Library

Photo of Alexandria Library by Tanvi Nadkarni
Photo of by Tanvi Nadkarni
Photo of by Tanvi Nadkarni
Photo of by Tanvi Nadkarni

Hey travelers, 

Life is not meant to be lived in one place. So wear your travel shoes and start moving towards your dreams.

When I first thought of going to Egypt, everyone around me told me things like, "Are you crazy?" and "Why alone, you can go to someplace safe" and many of them said "No ways, it's not a safe country" etc etc. And all through this, I just had one thing in my mind, "How can it not be a safe country, people live there." 

There are going to be people who will try and be an obstacle in your path but at the same time there are people who will support you and believe in you, and such people are more important. Just do what you believe in! 

The duration of my stay was one month and during this time, I met so many new people from all over the world. Some of them eventually turned out be my international family. We spent so many days together and had great fun in each other's company.

We often try out so many new things during our travel which otherwise would be a distant dream. And later we tell ourselves 'OMG! Been there done that', it really gives you a proud feeling and a deep sense of satisfaction and something which you can show off, obviously. 

When there is solo travel, there are certain problems, barriers you face in the trip. One of the biggest barrier was communicating in Arabic, but sign language helped, also once I was in a sticky spot, but then it's all part of an experience and believe me, such experiences help you grow in your future travels.

Writing about the problems and barriers brings me to write down certain points about Egypt.  

The best and cheapest way to travel is the public transport.

The people there are really helpful and welcoming.

Keep your valuables safe.  

Bargain for literally anything and everything that you buy from the streets!

Learn some basic Arabic words and numbers before going.

Be careful of taxi drivers! Go only by metered taxis and give them change or the amount nearest to it. 

The weather is extreme in winters and in summers, temperatures can range between 2 - 45 degree, depending on your period of travel. If you plan to budget travel then summer is the best time to visit as the cost is comparatively lesser. 

I made my history in the land of mystery. Now it's your turn.

finally one thing off my bucket list !! :)
The view of entire Cairo city from this tower is simply amazing.. adding to it is the cool wind that blows at the top makes you feel relaxed and calm in the hot weather !!
awesome ancient infrastructure !
The place where the mummies and all other ancient things are preserved from the olden times *_*
Its a place full of street shops where you can buy souvenirs, postcards and lots of other things! of course you can also bargain !! ;)
A huge mall.
A huge mall.
One of the biggest park in Cairo.. The best time to visit here is just before the sunset to get a spectacular view of the sun setting down !
simply breath taking ! *-*
A small hill located in the city of Cairo, which gives amazing view of the city at night.. People hear can just sit and relax with their friends and enjoy the view especially during the night..
This city is named after a date as this date marks a huge significance in the history of Egypt.
The most expensive area in Cairo.
Never experienced camping in a desert, before I went to this place! Here you can just lay down and marvel at the entire galaxy of stars above.
Ancient history is all around you when you visit this city.
A historical city which takes you in to the depth of the history of Egypt.
Living on a 5 star cruise *-*
Beyond beautiful, this place makes you feel like you have no worries in this world. Just sit back and enjoy the view, during day as well as during the night.
Do you know how beautiful everything is under the sea? If yes, then you should visit here, and if no then too you should visit here. Scuba Diving or snorkeling here will simply take your breath away.
7,500 feet! Conquered!
One of the biggest library, having a massive collection of resources. Something I saw for the first time.
The ancient architecture!
Beautifully built, this citadel is facing the Mediterranean Sea. It beautifully portrays the science used by the ancient people in olden days.
Another great site to have a beautiful view of the sunset. This palace is constructed with great precision and beauty.