I always waited for my school exams to end and summer holidays to start so that my parents would send me on outings. I have personally learnt a lot from these travels. It has been said and proved that travel makes you a better person you are. I learned to socialize, rise from failures, stand firm in the rising competition around me, develop a positive attitude towards life and peek into other peoples cultures. Yes, news and media do provide us with daily updates and educates us but till we live them we cannot feel them. Agree? I have stories from my travels to pass on and have now thought to give my bit to the society through my writings.

What does travel do to me? Where did it start and where would it take me? Why does it sense so close to my heart? What do I really want to do in my life? All of us are stuffed with so many questions inside us - about our present, future, passions, professions which are never ending. We keep telling our friends, family and younger ones that a time will come when you will find the right direction for yourself. But how easy is that? Leaving a few lucky ones, I took time answering these questions and finally I explored this hobby which keeps me alive today :)

It all began with a venture to the northern part of India where I first traveled by myself when in the fourth grade. It was a trek in the Himalayas to Rohtang Pass. I remember those jitters when my mind was full of mixed feelings - travelling without my parents, with unknown people and so far away from home. However, at the end it was indeed a wonderful challenging experience. This adventure transformed me and it gave a boost of how I should be treating my life.

After that nothing stopped me from continuing to indulge myself in various other expeditions like trekking to Kodaikanal, Pabbar Valley, Rupin Pass, Rafting in the Ganges and so on. Every landing place has made me aware of my surroundings, people and their habitat.

Staying in Maharashtra is another blessed gift I have ever received. The Sahyadri Range also known as the Western Ghats is the place to be in the rains which brings a positive vibe as everything around turns lush green and a climb or a trail in the clouds is an altogether next level experience.

Visapur Fort

Photo of Rohtang Pass, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Mrunal

During the Rupin Pass trek, we had to climb up to 15,000 feet in -10 degrees Celsius. Along with us, we had porters and ponies to carry the heavy groceries and luggage. We also came across locals carrying heavy logs of wood to set up their shelters. The hard times these people and animals go through for tourists and trekkers like us is beyond our imagination. Learning to respect their gratitude is a realization and a traveler's responsibility.

Rupin Pass

Photo of Rupin Pass, Himachal Pradesh by Mrunal

It has not always been an easy getaway - in terms of the mode of travel, food, stay options. Travel has its flavors and comes with compromises. I remember me enrolling in Bhonsala Military school workshop in Nashik. It was about 15 days long strict disciplinary training under military guidance which included horse riding, marching, swimming, shooting along with some indoor activities. Believe me, it was not effortless but it definitely made me a tough person at a very timid age and understand what our army, navy and air force cadets go through for our nation.

The perfect balance between a backpacking and a luxurious holiday is something I always look forward to. Luxury trips are different and have a unique touch to them. Of course there is a money component which gets instantly added to it. Staying in resorts and Airbnb home stays/apartments is hence the other side of the coin. Working in an IT firm, it has been difficult to save leaves to take off to a destination and spend a holiday. I truly believe that one should have a motivation to work and earn those bucks. For me it is travel which gives me the boost to do so :) I love to take work breaks often and disappear in the nature, grab some memories and relive them after I come back until my next trip.

When I was in Netherlands, I met a Dutch artist who was selling his lovely paintings on the pretty streets of Zaans Schaans. To my surprise he started interacting with me in Hindi while I was appreciating his art. I was taken aback. After a round of introduction, he opened up to tell me that he can speak almost 18 languages and he has mastered them on his own. He speaks to tourists and tries to understand them better in their own language. Those 10 minutes with him made my day. I got to learn his hunger for languages apart from being an artist to earn a living.

Such wee things and the people you come across during your touring welcomes a fresh outlook towards life. Every place on this Earth has a history and has something to enlighten us and one should grab this opportunity whenever possible.


This can be problematic space for most of us. We are worried as vegetarians or non-vegetarians when it comes to food as we have overheard all sorts of feedback. I would insist any traveler to experiment local delicacies. You might just end up savoring the taste of some exquisite spices :) Make your own opinions count.


Right from Kerala, Coorg, Andamans in the South to Himalayas and our mesmerizing Desi Switzerland - Kashmir in North India and then Goa in the West, I am now eager to visit the East soon. When it comes to international travel, I have covered parts of Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, London, Thailand and Bali. And the to-do list goes on - Turkey, Spain, Portugal and many many more. So you are right - for a traveller, it will never end :)

I have now got a purpose to live - TRAVEL which I nowadays enjoy and explore with my best friend - my husband. Do you know yours? Find it and you will welcome a new spice to your life too :)

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Wow Mrunal... very well said and written... follow your dreams is all i can say!!
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