Meeting Mt. Pandim

27th Apr 2019
Photo of Meeting Mt. Pandim by Rahul Nath
Day 1

Our trek started at Yuksom, the former capital of Sikkim. We reached Yuksom in the afternoon from Siliguri. It was a long drive but the views kept us lost.

Photo of Yuksom, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Photo of Yuksom, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 2

We started early for Sachen today. We had to keep moving to stay clear of leeches. On the water crossed few waterfalls and three hanging bridges. We reached Sachen around 2pm. It's a small crowded camping spot.

Photo of Sachen, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 3

Today we set out for Tshoka. It is a beautiful flat area with huts, tents and fog. It is surrounded on all sides by high mountains. It gets cold because of the open area. The climb to Tshoka is high after crossing the 4th hanging bridge. But the forest cover gives ample shade.

Photo of Tshoka, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 4

Today we set out for Dzongri top. Today one gets to see the beautiful rhododendron lined path as shown in pictures everywhere. The path is steep but the beauty is steeper.

Photo of Meeting Mt. Pandim by Rahul Nath
Day 5

Before dawn we climbed the hilltop near Dzongri to witness the sunrise and Kanchendzonga peak. One can also see most of the neighbouring mountain peaks. Later we came down and after a quick breakfast we set out for Thansing. It will be a long walk and there is a very steep descent. The descent took almost an hour with short breaks. After the descent, one can walk through a beautiful moss covered forest. We reached Thansing late in the afternoon.

Photo of Thansing, Goecha La Trek, Goecha La, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 6

Today was the easiest day. Lamumey is only a short distance away in the same valley as Thansing. We started late and reached well before noon. It is very cold and windy in these parts. But the views one gets of Mt. Pandim are beyond imagination.

Photo of Lamuney Campsite, Goecha La Trek, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 7

Tonight was the big night. We woke up at 1am and started for the view point at 1:30. It was dark but fortunately the wind had died. We went along with our guide and leader for over 3 hours to reach the view point before sunrise. On the way lies the beautiful Samiti lake. Unfortunately due to cloud cover we could not see Kanchendzonga peak during sunrise. But nonetheless the views of the neighbouring peaks, specially of Mt. Pandim was some consolation. Later we headed back and camped that night at Kokchurang. It lies at the base of the steep descent we witnessed on day 5. While returning from view point, we were lucky to see a Grandala, a beautiful dark blue bird which is common there.

Photo of Goecha La View Point 1, Goecha La Trek, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 8

Today was the worst in terms of weather. After 7 good days on the trail, the sky broke loose. It rained all day. And we had to struggle in the rain-water-mud-snow to reach Tshoka. We took a different route and avoided the steep climb to Dzongri back. Tonight we slept in the hut and also celebrated our last night together.

Photo of Tshoka Trekker's Hut, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath
Day 9

Our final day. We started comfortably. The sun was out again. We headed steadily towards Yuksom. It was a long walk and descent, but we were filled with our last bits of energy. We reached Yuksom quite late in the afternoon. It ended with a small celebration at a local restaurant with momos and chhang.

Photo of Yuksom, Sikkim, India by Rahul Nath