14th Jun 2014
Photo of #AmsterdamDiaries 1/10 by Ria Kumbhat
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the amazing lawns outside the museum
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grocery shopping ;)
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Stroopwaffels! yumm!
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the amazing flower market
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cheese shops in amsterdam
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#MadurodamBeach # Shells
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glassboat canal tour
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amsterdam city :D
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chipsy king and its patat
It was an amazing trip with the fifa fever on and my exams over, I was free to travel explore relax and enjoy! The trip starts with me landing in Amsterdam after a 13 hour travel, though I was exhuasted the amsterdam breeze made me feel alive. The tram system is so well connected that we reached our hotel in minutes and the first day of my holiday started :D DAY 1 After freshing up we started with the rijksmuseum which was closely located to our hotel. You need atleast two hours to roam around this vast museum. After the museum we took a bus tour of the entire city starting from the musuem to the amazing holland windmill. Getting out on the last stop we unravelled the city by foot. I think the best way to see amsterdam is by foot. Roaming around in the streets, visiting the tulip market and the near by shops gives u a sense of being a native to the city. Our next stop was a grocery store where they had a stock of amazing cherries and the must have stroopwaffel. Yummy is the word! :D roamed around for a few more hours, visited the cheese shops and ate the amsterdam version of the french fries- the patas. With this the first day ended early, jet lag overtaking our body. DAY 2 After our hotel breakfast we headed out to the train station or commonly known as the Amsterdam Central to catch our train to Madurodam. Madurodam is an amazing place. It requires an entire day to see this city starting from the miniature Amsterdam. Its built to a 1:25 ratio of the real buildings. With interactive games and small buildings this place is absolutely wonderful. After taking our lunch we headed out to the beach in madurodam which was filled with shells. And by filled I mean absolutely completly covered with shells. With this we took our train back to amsterdam and futher explored the city. We saw the van gogh museum followed by a snack at a Falafel joint named Maoz which made my tastebuds do cartwheels. With the amazing dips and salads I loved the place! After that started our glassboat canal tour. This is a must do! Seeing the city through the glassboat is so amazing with the huge canals and the narrow ones too. The nemo museum to the music one. Amsterdam is truly a city of museums and a person intrstd in them could spend the entire vacation seeing them (me not so much :p) the audio told during the boat tour makes us understand the city's culture and histroy. With this ended my short trip in amsterdam :)
The falafel is amazing!
Photo of Maoz, Leidsestraat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Ria Kumbhat
The holland version of the frencf fries must be tasted!
Photo of Chipsy King, Damstraat, De Wallen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Ria Kumbhat
Photo of Rijksmuseum, Museumstraat, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Ria Kumbhat
This place needs to be seen if u go to amsterdam! Without it ur trip is incomplete
Photo of Madurodam, George Maduroplein, Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands by Ria Kumbhat
Lying around on the lush greens and relaxing, something you must make time for on a trip. And this is the perfect place
Photo of Museumplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Ria Kumbhat