Delightful Amritsar

17th Jul 2015
Photo of Delightful Amritsar 1/1 by Arushi
Phulkari market

Amritsar surprised me. The people are incredibly nice, the food is to die for and the place is full of punjabi tadka. I loved my short two and half day stay there. I went by road from Delhi and I will recommend the same for others (Wherever the distance is doable, of course). The roads are too good. For driving enthusiasts, this is the highway to drive on. 

From a tourist's point of view, you don't need longer than 3 days at Amritsar. Check out the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border and roam the streets. That really covers it. There's a Hindu temple there but it is quite similar to the Golden Temple, so you can avoid it if you like. 

Carry comfortable shoes and lots of water and you should be good to go! 

No need to say why. Golden Temple is peaceful and I'm putting it mildly here. It's beauty knows no bounds. You will be awestruck by how people just sit there for hours at a stretch. You might want to take out half a day for this if you want to be able to do complete justice to this place.
A must stop. It's a small Bagh very close to the Golden temple. In fact you can cover this on the same day as the temple. The Bagh itself is pretty small and locals frequent it now as a picnic spot. However, for a first timer, the significance of this place still hits home, especially as you stand in the spot where the shots were fired on the innocent people or the well where they ran to escape.
Do not confuse this shop with New Dry Fruit Corner. The original shop is walking distance from Jalianwallah Bagh and the Golden Temple. Do stop here for different varieties of "papad", "Vadi" , "Churans" etc. They're famous all over and a pretty major food landmark of Amritsar.
This is pretty happening place. There's an array of eating joints here and you will be spoilt for choice. I went to Kulcha Land (Read: NOT Kulcha Lord) to grab some authentic Amritsari kulcha and I loved it. they're a pretty small dhaba style place but the service is quick and the food delicious. A limited menu but that really stops mattering after you've ordered the first kulcha.
This place is every bit as good as Zomato says. The food menu is limited but again, that ceases to be an issue after you've taken a bite of the lachha parantha which is oozing with ghee. Try the dal fry and cholas and for dessert, definitely order the Phirni. It'll be worth it.
For shopping enthusiasts, this is the land of phulkari and there is no dearth of options. Go crazy in the local market and you can spend hours there at a stretch.