Top Game of Thrones Destinations: All Men Must Travel!


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'Winter has come' and gone for the most popular television series fans. But for us 'Winter is still coming'.

Let the faddish HBO TV series become your travel inspiration this winter.

'Game of Thrones' is known for its blooming world-building and the visually marvellous destinations. GOT, is eventually, a study in astounding landscapes: forests beyond the Wall and frigid wastelands, turquoise waters across the Narrow Sea, the amply-treed Kings road, and the sun-drenched, medieval Kings' Landing.

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HBO's GOT may not be real; however, many of the beauteous locations where GOT series is filmed, are.

Thinking of travelling on a DRAGON?

Sorry! This is still not an option, though.

I say 'All men must travel'. So, here are the top Game of Thrones destinations, which you can add to your travel kitty and plan a daunting and an intrepid excursion to these places.

Welcome to the Capital City: King's Landing:

'Hear me Roar'

Stunned by the luxurious life and warm climate of Westeros? You can ramble in the streets of the King's Landing by taking a break to Dubrovnik in Croatia. You might not find the dragon skulls anymore, but of course, the walls, castle, and ancient winding corridors will ensure you never get exhausted of visiting the enchanting seafront town.

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Dubrovnik, since 1979, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town's aura also made it the perfect location to shoot for King's Landing. And, of course, when you go there, you do not have to face Joffrey.

House of Starks: Winterfell:

'Winter is Coming'

I know, like me, many of you love Starks. So, you'd wish to see our favourite Winterfell in real, yeah? What are you waiting for? Go on and plan to begin your journey to Doune Castle, Stirling in Scotland. The castle of the North of Westeros is exactly situated on a wooded bend where the Ardoch Burn drifts into the River Teith.

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You might not find your beloved Jon Snow or Arya or Sansa or Bran. Nor you'll find "THE NIGHT KING". In fact, you'll be happy to be on the soil where your favourite ARYA killed the WHITEWALKER KING.

Qarth: The Great Trading City of Essos:

'The Greatest City that Ever was or will be'

Wish to meet 'The Thirteen'?

No. No.

No, they will not keep you waiting, nor they will greet you like they greeted Khaleesi at the Gates. If you want to have the magnificent and opulent experience of Qarth, pack your bags and head towards an island in the Adriatic Sea called Lokrum.

Photo of Lokrum, Dubrovnik, Croatia by Travelpoppers

Do you remember the man who boasts to be the wealthiest man in Qarth?

Yes, you're's Xaro Xhoan Daxos.

If you remember him, then, of course, you would remember his mansion too (shown in the fifth episode of season two). The Benedictine Monastery on the island is his mansion.

Beyond the Wall:

"We do not kneel for anyone beyond the Wall"- Mance Rayder.

Are you a daredevil Spartan? Wish to go beyond the wall?

Of course, you can. But what is beyond the wall?

Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, is famous for its ferocious wildlife and dazzling scenery. Apart from this, the scenes beyond the wall got filmed at several locations around Iceland, namely the Hverfjall Volcano and the Myrdalsjokull Glacier.

Photo of Vatnajokull, Iceland by Travelpoppers

Oh yes...forgot to mention, if you are heading towards these don't have to be scared of the White Walkers anymore...

Thanks to ARYA STARK!

Dragonstone Beach:

"The castle is unlike any in Westeros, foreign and... strange." -Stannis Baratheon

Yes, you're right. This is the place where the Burning of the Seven took place. Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen, is a beach in Northern Ireland. If you happen to root Daenerys Targaryen, Mussenden Temple and Downhill Beach are your spots.

Photo of Northern Ireland, UK by Travelpoppers

Also, Melisandre - The Red Woman, burned the old gods, issuing a novel religion for the followers of Stannis Baratheon.

So, you must watch out as the night is dark and full of terrors.

Free City of Braavos:

'Valar Morghulis' (All men must die) 'Valar Dohaeris' (All men must serve)

Everyone's favourite, Arya Stark, arrives in the City of Braavos to meet the Faceless Man-in-training.

The shooting actually came to pass in a gorgeous, splendid and historical town in Croatia called Sibenik.

Photo of Šibenik, Croatia by Travelpoppers

Hurry can also learn the technique of being NO ONE.

I think I have become "A Girl With No Name' :P

The Water Palaces of Dorne:

'Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken'

The fans' one of the favourite Houses was House Martell. They call the Water Palaces of Dorne home that is shot at the Alcázar de Sevilla in Spain.

Not to worry, you are safe if you visit there. You will not any of the Sand Snakes there anymore.

Photo of Alcázar, Patio de Banderas, Sevilla, Spain by Travelpoppers

This is not it!

You can scroll down to see more pictures from Game of Thrones stunning locations:

The Long Bridge of Volantis:

Photo of Córdoba, Spain by Travelpoppers

The Great Pit of Daznak-Slaver's Bay city of Meereen:

Photo of Sevilla, Spain by Travelpoppers

Astapor-The Slaver's Bay City:

Photo of Essaouira, Morocco by Travelpoppers

The House of the Undying-Qarth:

Photo of Croatia by Travelpoppers

The Kingsroad:

Photo of Northern Ireland, UK by Travelpoppers

The Dothraki Sea or the Great Grass Sea:

Photo of Northern Ireland, UK by Travelpoppers

The penultimate seasons of the Game of Thrones has already blowing away the GOT fans' minds.

But, if you are keen to pry yourself away from the Television, you could visit a few of the eye-catching filming destinations of the HBO series.

Plan your itinerary soon!

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