3 iconic Malayan dishes to try


Malaysia loves its food. Period. You only need to arrive at Kuala Lumpur and your senses will be pleasantly bombarded by the sweet-and-spicy aromas wafting towards you from street stalls and restaurants alike. And food critics across the globe have given their nod to Malaysia being a foodie paradise. So while visiting all the tourist spots will rank high on your itinerary, leaving Malaysia without trying some of its most iconic dishes will be no less than a crime.

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Your food menu must definitely include:

Bak Kut Teh: Translating literally to mean ‘meat bone tea’, this is one soup you will crave for when you leave Malaysia. Pork ribs are simmered with mushrooms, tofu, garlic and aromatic herbs and eaten with rice or noodles. This will soon become your comfort food to go to when you need a pick-me-up.

Asam pedas: A sour-spicy fish dish that will leave a so-tangy-I-need-more taste in your mouth. Stingray or Spanish mackerel is cooked together with tamarind, dried chillies, belacan and shallots. The result? A fish gravy you will want to carry with your around the world.

Cendol: Rice flour jelly, shaved ice, palm sugar and red beans come together to make Malaysia’s most iconic dessert. It is said the cendol eaten in Penang ranks higher than any other.