My last amazing trip before Lockdown | Alibaug Beach

14th May 2020
Photo of My last amazing trip before Lockdown | Alibaug Beach by Srishti (still.winds)
Day 1
Our arrival at the Gateway of India
Day 2

The sight at the beach was beautiful the next day.

Day 1

We had planned this trip well in advance and despite being flooded by news related to Corona virus , we decided not to back off (talk about being adventurous! ) We were a bunch of people who had planned to take one of our dear friends on a surprise trip to Alibaug on her birthday. She and her boyfriend had no idea about the plan and that made it all the more fun and exciting. Now, the quickest way of reaching Alibaug is by boat to Mandwa Jetty from the Gateway of India which is situated in South Mumbai's Colaba neighborhood. It took us about an hour to reach Mandwa Jetty by ferry. The famous Alibaug beach is another 20-30 minutes away from the Jetty. We decided to go to the resort that we had booked to freshen up before we made our way to the beach.

We had booked our rooms at Suruchi Resort well in advance. We arrived at the resort, had a quick nap and then we headed towards the beach. We reached quite late in the evening and we were shocked to discover that the water level was pretty low and the presence of mud was the most disturbing part of this beach. But that definitely didn't stop us to have fun at the sight. We had a nice photo session followed by having the yummiest Pani-puris. We decided to come back again the next morning before sunrise.

We spent a good amount of time at the beach and then chose to go back via speed boat this time. It merely took us 20 minutes to go back to the Gateway of India. The ride on a speed boat was definitely the highlight of this short trip.

Perhaps, the integral part of this trip was spending maximum time with each other. Instead of crying over the situation (not finding any water on the beach), we actually laughed at the situation and chose to sit down and talk about the most random things. Back in the resort, we hardly slept at night and talked and laughed till we saw the rising sun in the morning. There was a nice bonfire night arranged for us. We grabbed a beer can and began our discussion about what was going on in each other's lives. We played some good music, ate some snacks and stared at the fire till it wasn't there anymore. The very next day, the sight of water in the swimming pool compensated for the absence of it on the beach. It was actually very amusing.

Even now, while we are sitting at our homes and not able to roam around, may be we should just make the most of it. Spend some good quality time with our families and loved ones. Take out some time for things that we always wanted to do but never got the chance to. There is always something good that can be churned out of every bad situation.

One short trip gave us a million memories to cherish. There are many more such trips to come for sure.

But for now, lets just stay at home till our Earth heals. 💙