Mumbai TO Goa cycle tour via Coastal route Konkan in 3.5 days

17th Nov 2018

Riders:- Prasad Keni, Wadala / Minesh Koli , Thane

( Self Supported Ride )

17-Nov-2018 to 20-Nov-2018

So we carried Puncture kit, Small Hand pump, Spare tube, lights & tool kit for the cycle, Along with First aid kit, Electrolyte & Dates to keep us going.

Day 1

First jetty @6.15am from Gateway to Mandwa

Photo of Gateway of India, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni

Day1:- Started from My Place near Dadar to Gateway , We met at CSMT early 5.30am to catch the first ferry towards Mandwa. The journey started from Mandwa 7.30 towards Alibaug as the road is very smooth. Pretty excited & anxious we took off. But as the route proceeded from Revdanda towards Murud the road gets a bit rough till Agardanda jetty. We refuelled ourselves at Dighi. With Patchy Roads and elevation, i had to deal with a cramp in my left leg.

Agardanda jetty

Photo of Agardanda Jetty, India by Prasad Keni

Beach view from the Road

Photo of Vihoor Beach View, Revdanda - Murud Road, Vihour, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni
Day 2

Day2:- Early morning While Packing , we chatted with Supekar & thanked for the delicious Food & Stay.

Sunrise at the Anjarle Beach view is unforgettable from the Hill.

Photo of Anjarle Beach, Maharashtra by Prasad Keni

So with proper Hydration. we managed to catch the Last jetty of the day and headed forward. Riding after dark is a big challenge as poor visibility & Bad roads. Locals were very helpful on the route. All Well that ends well The delicious Surmai at Supekars in Kelshi was a prize for our hard work.

Ride Distance 176.7km / 2378m elev.

We stopped for some memories & continued the Sunday through an active village where kids were enjoying on the beach, Fish kept for drying & People busy.

Kids enjoying the clean beach on Sunday morning

Photo of Pandhari, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni

Wandering Further into the view of karde beach we found ourselves to end of the Dirt road , after inquiring we crossed the beach over a flat patch of rock towards Ladghar beach off road. there we had to cross a Small Patch of grass land to join the Road. It was a unique & thrilling experience to ride over Flat rock at Sea.

Crossed on sea Rock from Karde Beach to Ladghar Beach

Photo of Ladghar Beach, Maharashtra by Prasad Keni

route to Dabhol jetty

Photo of Dabhol Dhopave Ferry Service, Dabhol, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni
Day 3

Day-3:- Started the Ride refreshed & the Morning Prayers in the nearby temple were just perfect to set a calm mood. Witnessed Sunrise at Prachin Konkan Point with a mesmerizing view of are ware Beach

Sunrise at Prachin Konkan Point

Photo of Aare Ware Beach, DHOKAMBLE, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni

we drifted down to the Road lined with pine trees with an endless view of the sea. The Light Rain boosted our energy & the sea kept us motivated. Kids & People Greeted us all over the way. Ratnagiri gave a relief by smooth roads for some time.

Steadily we crossed Hills & beaches via Dabhol Jetty & further Tavsal Jetty, where we had a Quick Snack & halted al Malgund just a Km before Ganpati Pule. Ride Distance – 131.3km / 2127m elev.

Photo of Taramumbari Beach, Maharashtra by Prasad Keni

Katwaneshwar beach

Photo of Katwaneshwar, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni

Kukeshwar Beach

Photo of Kunkeshwar, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni

As we reached Achara everything was closed Due to Monday but we were helped by the restaurant owner with shelter for the night. Ride Distance 149.9km /2574m elev.

Day 4

Day-4:-We Woke by our natural alarm at 4.15, well the mobile alarm didn’t work. Witnessing Sunrise with light showers & gulping Milk from Packets we Reached Tarkarli beach for a satisfying breakfast.

Planning from 2 months for Mumbai Goa Costal Route in the shortest duration. Took references from friends who have done the route, we planned daily targets along with Jetty timings..Essential Things to carry had to be specific as it was a self supported Ride & carrying our own stuff.

Nerupar bridge view

Photo of Nerurpaar Bridge, Bagayat - Chauke Road, Naikwadi, Maharashtra, India by Prasad Keni

Crossed Tiracol River entered GOA at1.35pm

Photo of Goa Police check post, Torxem, Goa, India by Prasad Keni

At Gautams Shop in Mapusa, GOA

Photo of Lenovo, Market Road, Mapusa Municipal Market, Mapusa, Goa, India by Prasad Keni

As advised by locals we changed our route via Kudal, Sawantwadi to cross Tiracol River Goa Check post by 1.30pm. Refreshing ourselves with sugarcane juice on route

We reached Navi Mumbai by Bus Next day morning , Got off At Juinagar & Started a slow ride towards Dadar & Thane respectively.

Check the video blog 

Fresh air , Very kind and helpful people in Konkan .. felt very homely and safe the entire journey.

Key Ingredients for any Long Ride

1) Good Company

2) Hydration / Electrolytes

3) Snacks / Power foods

4) Speed Watch / Non exhaustive Ride.

5) Pre-planned Halting Spots

6) Toolkit / Bike Essentials ( Self Supported)

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with some climbs we were greeted by my old friend Gautam at his Shop at Mapusa. He offered us Refreshments at his Place & ensured our Journey Back to Mumbai by Bus. Ride Distance 130.9km / 1781m Elev.

Total Ride 3 ½ Days 588.8km / 8860m Elev.

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