Top Dining Delights to Try in Maldives – Foodie Favourites!


If you are looking for a culinary adventure in the Maldives, here are some of the top picks well worth adding to your list of “must-have” dishes.

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Image credit- User: (WT-shared) Jpatokal at wts wikivoyage, Masroshi Maldives, CC BY-SA 3.0

Mas Huni

A quintessential dish that Maldivians begin their mornings with, mas huni features shredded tuna as the main ingredient. Added to this is grated coconut mixed with onions and lime or lemon, while you do get versions with eggplant as well. This dish goes best with roshi, a type of chapati bread and makes for a yummy start to the day!


Those hankering for a tasty snack can try masroshi which is made up of fried dough that has a delicious filling; ingredients used include smoked tuna, onions, peppers, ginger, grated coconut and garlic. This dish is generally served as part of a breakfast meal or as a teatime snack which can be enjoyed along with a refreshing cup of tea.

Maldivian Curries

Flavour-filled and spicy Maldivian curries are also well worth trying and can be enjoyed at the best Maldives restaurants. Kandu kukulhu or tuna curry is one of the most popular dishes, while you also get versions with chicken or vegetables. Steamed rice or roti along with dhal is perfect to have some local curry with.


This ball-shaped snack is another well-known dish that is great when you have a sudden craving for something savoury. Typically, gulha consists of tuna which is mixed with chilli, grated coconut and chopped up onions; sometimes lime and turmeric are added too.