Solo Travel and meeting Mangalorians

11th Oct 2014


I went to Mangaluru for some work and decided to stay back on weekend to have a look at the place. Before the weekend, I had some time on Friday and so I visited Someshwara Beach and Temple. The temple has good connectivity from all parts of the city and I decided to take the bus as I was traveling alone and didn't want to rely on the autos and taxis. The bus dropped me 20 minutes away from temple and I had to walk my way there as nothing was available. The temple itself and view at the temple was amazing.

Day 2 - For the next day, I had heard that it has beautiful and clean beaches so I decided to have a look. I started my travel with Tannivbhavi beach. I had read on Tripoto that its a beautiful beach to visit. I again took the city bus and decided to go there. As I reached there, it not only seemed beautiful but empty. Probably because of off-season, there was very few people on the beach. I sat there on a bench looking at the waves as coast guard told me I am not allowed to go inside the sea as it is rough in rainy season. I kept on sitting enjoying the place.

As I say there, a young guy (aged 20-21) came to me and smiled. I smiled back. He asked me what am i doing there and I told him I am just looking at the place. He told me he just came back from college and he saw me sitting here. As this beach is near to his house he comes here frequently. He said that if I want to visit a beach I should go to Panambur as it will be crowded and eating options will also be there. I had that beach on the list.He gave me other information as well about the City without asking me anything. When he asked me why had I come to Mangalore I made up some story as I wasn't sure if he should be trusted.

Then he suggested that he cam come with me to Panambur and we can go by buses. We changed a couple of buses and as we were traveling in buses and I had read alot about the areas and route, I knew we were going in right direction. We reached that beach and indeed it was full of people. There were so many eating options and I could enter the water too. I stood at the shore while waves came and moved the sand below my feet. I had a lovely feeling. The guys' name was Sayyid. He told me that even without finishing his graduation we is planning to go to Middle East as his uncle is there and he is going to work with him in some company. He also told me lot of things about Mangaluru and about his other friends from Delhi. He told me how mangalorians are famous for their "Atithi Devo Bhava" nature and he could sense I wasn't comfortable initially. We ate in peace and then he told me places I can go the next day. He also gave me his number if I need any help for the next day. I had a good day with him and although I never shared any details with him but he helped me that day in telling me about places and he tried not to know anything about me. I still have beautiful memories from the place, the beach the people.