Windmills of Leiden

12th Jun 2019

Lieden is a cute little village  located  in Netherlands. The streets are full of cute little  cafes. As soon as we entered  this beautiful  village  i was amazed  to see so much beauty  in one place.
Me and my family  were just searching thai food along  with a parking  where we could park our car. We searched  for long and ended  up finding  a huge windmill, guess what the parking was under the windmill. I was excited  to go inside  the windmill. Later on I got to know this is one of the museums. Luckily  we found a thai restaurant  names rak thai. After having a good meal I ran towards the windmill museum. I went and bought the ticket and ended up exploring the windmill alone. It was a bit scary  as I was the only idiot to go inside. To be very honest it was fun and adventurous  because  of  steep stairs 😛, antique  decor  and alot of miniatures of windmills.
Guess was I was not the only idiot  inside an old windmill. There was only  more girl who was from india too.
We both reached  at the top of windmill i saw one door which lead me out to a balcony(windmill balcony). I was astonished  to see the beautiful  view from the top on a rainy  day and clicked this amazing  picture. I could  not stop my self from taking pictures  and spent a good one hour  looking at this beautiful  view

Photo of Leiden, Netherlands by explore.travelallalong