Solo journey experience 850KM which started from Noida and will continue till Omkareshwar

Photo of Solo journey experience 850KM which started from Noida and will continue till Omkareshwar by Pankaj Sharma

Let me share my #solo journey experience which started from Noida and will continue till #Omkareshwar, covering around 850 km, on my e-scooter.

Lets start from Noida extension (my starting point of journey)

About Noida extension , its a newly build metropolitan area which is not very far from Delhi.

Generally if we talk about Noida extension, the first image that comes in our mind is offices, malls , apartments and busy roads, and thats what it is 🙂

Staying in Noida extension , I heard about this Bisrakh village in Noida #Extension ,which is quite famous for #Rawana temple. As per local mythology, Rawana spent his childhood in this village and locals worship him as well. And there is a famous temple dedicated to Rawana as well. So I decided to go there and went alone on my e-scooter and spend few hours there. I found this place very peaceful n calming. This peace gave me a new idea to travel solo. I have travelled a lot but solo travelling would be a different experience for me.

With that thought in mind, I made a plan to travel solo on my e-scooter, plus my intention was also to use this trip in some good way for the society. Since, I was already working on making people aware of impacts of #drug #addiction in everyone’s life (via my sessions) in Noida & my home town and therefore, I decided to continue to spread that awareness to more and more people during this solo trip, starting with school going children n drug #rehabilitation centres in as many places as possible in my route.

So finally, I #started my journey on 11th Jan 2023 from Noida and since I am traveling on e-scooter, my daily travelling distance is restricted to 100 - 130 km only in one battery charge. Considering this, my next destination was Palwal .

But why I choose #Palwal, it’s again a different story 🙂

So lets meet in my next post for further details.. . .

Location Greater Noida Rawana Temple

Jan 2023