Pushkar highs


Pushkar is a known small pilgrimage town in Rajasthan-India, but unlike other Indian sacred towns with ancient Hindu temples, it is much more than just a place for pilgrimage. Pushkar has a unique aura to itself, it carries a different essence. It has an alternative hippie culture and as many might be unaware, it is quite famous for its hashish nights! I came here on a road-trip with my friends this december and found it to be a super cool place to chill and explore and just relax. Chilling at the Pink floyd Café is one of the best things to do here. It is hidden in the dark alleys of the city and has great food music. Do try their videshi lassi or special lassi (with mushrooms) here and trip like crazy! Breakfast at Café Sunset and a visit to the turtles at the Blue Star Café are another must dos.

Photo of Pushkar highs 1/2 by sarthak dangra
The Hip Cafés. Pushkar, India.

Now, other than just visiting the famous Brahma temple (which is one of the very few existing temples dedicated to Lord Brahma) you must also try and visit the others. It is a must to climb the hill to visit one such temple, that is the Savitiri Mandir, which is not too magnificent but the view of the sunset and sunrise, as well as of the entire city from there is beautiful and stunning.

The Pushkar Lake and the street market surrounding it is a great place to shop for cool kurtas and fancy accessories. What's more are Lala Ji ke midnight paranthe which is one of the many things I'll crave about this town. Loaded with cheese, oil and butter, not everyone can handle it but it guarantees you a sound sleep with 1000 calories!???? Plus it takes about 20 minutes to prepare just one parantha. Another very interesting thing about this town is its amazing street art and hippie graffiti. Just walking around the town gives you a high, it makes you feel like a hippie. It made me feel free-spirited.

Photo of Pushkar highs 2/2 by sarthak dangra

More than anything, the best thing to do here is to sit by the lake, enjoy the peace and keep rolling!