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1st Apr 2015
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People can give you myriad reasons for not going on a solo trip but if you have a lust to do it than only your heart will give you a single and the most empowering answer. The answer which i got was this:

If not now then when? This is the moment to do it and live it up.

Ditching the hotel for a hostel was the best decision. This place is built on the concept of a hostel but the cleanliness and maintenance is closer to that of a hotel. The beds are really comfortable and the shielding provides complete privacy even in a dorm. The washrooms were as good as that of any hotel and the complimentary breakfast was also nice. The staff on the reception desk is very friendly and are always there to help you.My tip:Do remember a landmark as taxi drivers don't recognize this place aesily.

This one is the most famous nightclub of Singapore. Situated on the top pf the Marina Bay Sands it offers its visitors a really nice view. I went there on Wednesday and got free entry as it was ladies night, so that's how a smart traveler saves her money!My tips:1. If you are going on a ladies night then don't buy a drink as later they do announce free drinks for all the ladies.2. I forgot to take mine but while entering this club you must take the complimentary drink coupon from them.

Photo of KU DÉ TA Singapore Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of KU DÉ TA Singapore Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of KU DÉ TA Singapore Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of KU DÉ TA Singapore Singapore by Kirti Gupta

Almost every tourist and traveler goes to this place and it is surely a garden that takes you into a wonderland. There are some sections for visiting which you will have to pay but most of the garden is free to visit. There light and sound show is just magical and i really did not wanted to go back to my hostel that night and just wanted to stare at the magical lighting.My tips:1. Don't ever miss the light and show of this place.2. Go in evening time.

Photo of Gardens by the Bay Singapore by Kirti Gupta

This park has a long board walk which is surrounded by natural beauty of flaura and fauna, this boardwalk finally leads to a natural reservoir. I went to this place as i just wanted to be in the lap of nature for sometime. After walking for around 1 km i was really tired but on going ahead the scene which i witnessed of the mesmeric sea shore and two beautiful islands was a reward in itself. Going a bit ahead one can also see the creek. This place offers its visitors a peaceful retreat away from the city.My tips:1. Wear some comfortable footwear as you will have to walk a lot. 2. Go on a day when the weather is nice.3. Carry your own water bottle.

Photo of Labrador Park Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of Labrador Park Singapore by Kirti Gupta

This the most happening place in Singapore, they have a tranquil lake here, situated on its side are famous restaurants and cafes where there are different bands playing live music, I even went to do one of the two fun rides they have there and seeing the Turkish ice cream seller play with his ice cream was also fun. One can try different types of cuisines here and there is a bridge on which a whole mass of people sit drinking beer there.My tip:1. Do try some different type of cuisine here.2. Do take someone along with you to enjoy the meal better.

Photo of Clarke Quay Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of Clarke Quay Singapore by Kirti Gupta

I am someone who is just crazy about Renaissance art and when i got to know that there is a special exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks for some days i decide to go there with a friend of mine from Taiwan. The architecture of this museum is just phenomenal and it is really huge from inside. The exhibition was worth going i would say.My tip: Even if you are not interested in going inside do take a look at the architectural design of this museum it will surely interest you.

This is not a regular zoo the moment you enter it its like walking into a jungle. The whole atmosphere is so natural, there are so many water bodies and this place is full of greenery. Exotic breeds of animals can be seen here and it is a delight to see animals like zebras, giraffes and chimpanzees without cages living in an atmosphere just like there natural habitat. To see the panda i had to pay extra money for the river safari, but this creature is so adorable that i after seeing it in reality i do not mind the money now.My tips:1. If not in a hurry then you should walk around the zoo take in its natural feel.2. If you want to cover the whole place very fast then you can go for the coach.

Photo of Singapore Zoo Singapore by Kirti Gupta

This is one of those few places in Singapore where i was able to get the joy of street shopping. The street walls have funky artworks done on them and there is a whole lot of open air cafes serving scrumptious Turkish food along with hookahs. There is a big mosque also which was under going some renovation i guess but there is one. This is a really nice place for shopping in streets, enjoying a drink or for having dinner. The Arab street surprisingly makes you forget that you are in Singapore and feels more like some authentic street of Turkey or Morocco.My tips:1. Checkout the boutiques here they sell some really nice designer stuff at reasonable prices.2. If you like to shop for fabrics and textiles then this place is for you.

Situated on the island of wonders "Sentosa Island" is the Universal Studios of Singapore. As i have been to the one in Los Angeles before so i found it smaller in size but all major rides are here and so for the first timer it is surely going to be an enthralling experience. I specially liked the "The Mummy" part where they have done detailed Egyptian artwork to let their visitors get a true feel of the movie.My Tips:- By the tickets from the main counter as there you will be getting free food coupons.-If there is a huge rush then act smart and start from the last ride.

Photo of Universal Studios Singapore Singapore by Kirti Gupta

If you are a shopaholic then you have got to visit the Orchard road. With so many showrooms and all the desired brands around me i really felt like jumping with joy, I mean on which other road do you find two Prada and 2-3 Louis Vuitton showrooms back to back.My tip- To reach to the showroom of your desired brand use the easy to access directories or else it will be very difficult.

Photo of Orchard Road Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of Orchard Road Singapore by Kirti Gupta

Stumbled upon this artsy garden by chance. This garden has been adorned with a great number of sculptures of Asian art and they also have a section in which 7 or may be 8 stages of hell have been shown. Isn't that spooky?

Photo of Haw Par Villa Singapore by Kirti Gupta
Photo of Haw Par Villa Singapore by Kirti Gupta

The most common sign in museums is Do Not Touch. Well this is i guess the only museum which says please touch. 3D art and sculptures in this playful museum give visitor a chance to click quaint pictures. The artwork is really nice and i did experiment my poses with each showcased section.My Tips:-Go to this place only if you love to get crazy pictures of yours clicked.-Better to go with someone who can click your pictures.

This a nice and serene temple to visit in this glamorous country. It was not that big as the ones i saw in Japan but the interior is grand.My Tip:- You can try a free vegetarian meal over here.

Photo of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum Singapore by Kirti Gupta

Want to take some refreshing laps in the water and some adventure? Then i would say the Cove Waterpark is a perfect choice. They have mind blowing water rides here and i liked the snorkeling part also it has been designed in such a way that i felt i was snorkeling in deep sea.

After working as a freelancer i got a bit of money piled up with me and what i had to do with it, i was very clear about it. I knew that i wanted to spend all this money thoroughly to go on a solo trip and have some whimsical experiences of my mine.While planning this trip i got to know what hard work does it require to plan everything on your own. Keeping in mind my budget and the duration of the trip i chose Singapore to be my destination. So on 1st April 2015 i was marching towards the Terminal 3 carrying along my luggage and the frenzy of a maniac (travel maniac to be precise).

This quaint trip was a one of a kind experience which taught me so much about life, Opened up a whole new phase of traveling to me and most important brought me closer to my inner self. The most astonishing thing was that rarely was i alone on this as i constantly did bump into solo travelers like me, we did chat a bit and then for the next day we had plans to roam around together.

During this whimsical and fantasy like experience i literally did run for my life one time and at other i was having a chilled out dinner with a friend from New Zealand, at one time i was taking funny selfies of mine as there was no one to click my pictures and after some hours i was shopping with a Taiwanese, I did laugh out loud while watching an Oscar winning theater and also did scream madly while taking the roller coaster ride. It was just so much happening together that i doubt if i will be able to write it all here!

This trip i would say became a memoir to be cherished by me forever due to many reasons. One of the main reason of which was that Singapore is a very safe not only for its citizens but also for tourists (i mean i use to roam around in streets till midnight without any fear) and the warm people of this country always welcome you with a smile. Due to its small geographical size this country can be easily mapped in 8 to 10 days. Some of the more positive aspects for a traveler were:

  • Convenient public transportation.
  • No language problem as everyone here understands English.
  • Availability of various types of cuisines to try.
  • People are warm, friendly and helpful.
  • You can do tax free shopping!!!

I really hope to visit this country of joy and glamour soon again.

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