The whole of Malmö by bike


Malmo is one of Sweden's most liveable cities, boasting an idyllic combination of medieval castles and catacombs, inspiring architecture, and a lively creative scene.

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Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

And for those with bikes, Malmo offers plenty of opportunities for exploring on two wheels; according to Copenhagenize, almost 30% of journeys in Malmo involve biking.

The City Center

"Lilla Torg", Malmo's charming historic marketplace, offers much to the city. Here you'll find restaurants, cafes and shops combining historical ambience with contemporary lifestyle; making Malmo one of the great cities to live.

Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

Stortoget, Malmo's central square, serves as an invaluable meeting spot. Here you'll find Malmo Town Hall and a horse statue as well as various historical structures of different periods.

Malmo's most notable landmark, The Turning Torso is an architectural marvel standing 190 meters and twisting at an angle of 90 degrees from ground level up. As Scandinavia's tallest building it serves as one of its prime tourist attractions.

Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

Malmo is an exciting city with numerous museums and galleries to discover, as well as strong cultural influences from its diverse resident population of over sixty nationalities.

The Old Town

Malmo offers an intriguing blend of old and new, with its charming Old Town providing the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in experiencing its rich history.

Malmo's oldest building is St Peter's Church (Swedish: Sankt Petri Kyrka). Dating back to 14th-century Sweden, this Gothic church stands as one of its finest examples in Scandinavia today.

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The high walls and flying buttresses make this church worth visiting; inside you'll discover historic paintings, an elegant organ, intricate carvings and stained-glass windows - not forgetting its historic paintings!

Malmo is easily navigable by bicycle, thanks to its small and flat terrain and excellent network of cycling routes that wind throughout its city centre.

Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

The University

Malmo can easily be reached on bicycle, as its flat terrain features an extensive network of cycle paths - the ideal way to navigate this laid-back southern Swedish city.

Malmo offers several rental bike shops such as Travelshop on Carlsgatan 4A or an app, or there are green buses to take you around town.

Cycling is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to explore Malmo, giving you access to all its main attractions while taking in its beautiful scenery along the way.

Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

Malmo's Castle Park and Mill are undeniably highlights of any visit, with free admission. Filled with lush trees, lawns, and lakes - not forgetting its bright red Castle! - this space makes an impressionful statement about Malmo itself.

Turning Torso, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and standing at 122m. As Sweden's tallest building and Scandinavian landmark, this incredible design masterpiece stands as an outstanding testament to Swedish innovation in architecture and design.

Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

The New Town

Malmo is a cycling paradise with over 500km of bike paths throughout its city limits! Furthermore, Malmo ranks in Copenhagenize's list of five bicycle-friendly cities thanks to a strong focus on cycling.

An English-speaking tour guide will show you all of Malmo's top sights during a Malmo Bike Tour and help you navigate this laid-back city with ease.

Photo of The whole of Malmö by bike by TinaGeller

Start off your trip right by exploring Gamla Staden's historic Lilla Torg - home to colourful wooden cafes and restaurants as well as St Petri Kyrka Church, one of Malmo's oldest churches that remains one of Scandinavia's largest structures - located on its cobbled-stoned square.