10 Trips To Take This Summer That Scream ADVENTURE


How about making the coming summers all about an incredible adventure around India?

From rafting in the glacial waters of Indus to trekking far into Dzukou Valley in Nagaland, the coming season can be your chance to try out the new unheard adventures. Explore the tiny hamlets hidden in the quiet corners of India and take a trip this summer to go some place you've never been before.

Here are a few picks for this season that promise a fun-filled and thrilling summer.

1. Go Rafting in Zanskar

The Indus River that flows through Ladakh towards Pakistan promise the best sights of high mountain ranges in Ladakh and Zanskar region. Rafting on the Indus River can be a 1 day experience to a 5 day expedition. The most popular rafting point is Phey to Nimo and Upshi to Nimo.

Read more: Munu Maina's Trip To Zanskar.

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2. Learn Kayaking in Ramganga River at Naachni

Visit the Naachni Region of Uttarakhand where the adventure camps alongside River Ramganga give ample kayaking opportunities. Beyond the adventure, this region nestled in the heart of the Himalayas is a great site for stargazing and night photography. 

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3. Trek to Dzukou Valley In Nagaland

Plan a trek to the Dzukou Valley during June/July. This trek is suitable even for first timers and if you're a seasoned trekker, Dzukou Valley still promises a whole new geographical belt that is mostly unexplored. You can reach the base camp at Viswema Village from Kohima by a shared car and remember to carry food along with you during the trek.

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4. Travel to the Northern End of India, Turtuk

For those interested in reading the map before they set off for a journey, Turtuk can be an interesting pick. 200 kms from Leh, reaching Turtuk includes crossing the highest motorable pass at Khardung La. Your adventure starts from your own city and the journey to the border village in the northern end of the country can be an exploration of a lifetime.

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5. Explore The Eastern Himalayas at Nameri National Park

Explore the final fringe of the Eastern Himalayas in Assam at Nameri National Park. Stay at an Eco Park and enjoy the sight of some of the most exotic birds such as Ibisbill, Blue-bearded bee-eaters, Babblers and Plovers. If you're an avid birdwatcher, here's a paradise for you.

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6. Go Camping In The Western Ghats at Sandhan Valley

If you had been wondering about the adventure friendly destinations in Western Ghats, Sandhan Valley is the answer. Best time to visit Sandhan Valley is in April-May. The hike starts from Samrad Village and the experience also includes rappelling and crossing deep gorges of the Ghats.

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7. Take A Solo Trip To The Bugyals (Alpine Meadows) of Uttarakhand

There's something extraordinarily satisfying about solo trips and if you are a first-timer, the Bugyals of Uttarakhand can be a perfect pick for you. Visit Munshiyari, home to the alpine meadows of Uttarakhand with great trekking destination all around the small town. The pro-trekkers can also start a trek to Milam Glacier from Munshiyari. 

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8. Live In A Jungle Lodge At Masinagudi 

What is adventure if not a way to live differently. Explore the wildlife paradise at Madumalai National Park in the southernmost state of India, Tamil Nadu and give a twist to your vacation by staying in one of the Jungle Retreats in the foothills of Nilgiri Hills.

Suggested Place to Stay: Jungle Retreat Masinagudi

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9. Reach The End Of The Hippie Trail at Kodaikanal

If travellers are to be believed, the hidden hamlets of India give the best stories on a vacation. Kodaikanal and the nearby village of Vattakanal lie at the very end of the historical hippie trail in India. This quiet village is a perfect retreat to find the calm away from the city and also explore a completely new side of India at Vattakanal which several travellers call home.

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10. Find a house amidst the hills in Madikeri, Coorg

Time to discover the Eastern slopes of the Western Ghats at Madikeri which has been an adventure hub for vacationers for years now. Travel to this secluded haven where incredible coffee plantations and vantage points offering breathtaking views make Madekeri the ideal getaway you need.

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Suggested Place to Stay: Heritage Resort Coorg

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Take time out and make the perfect plan for this summer.

Tell about the offbeat spots on your travel bucket list on the comments section below. If you have an exciting travel story, share it with us. 

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