Karmic call to Enchanting Bhasam Arti- Mahakal

8th Jul 2016


Photo of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India by Shruti Mittal

My spiritual yatra

The celestial and the ecstatic chants at the Bhasam Aarti were just heart stopping. My thought process was grid locked. Everything seemed to be awe stricken. It was giving me a feeling of as if time has stopped realistically. When I was lost in the effervescent surroundings of the temple, on spur of moment in the gleam of diyas, got a glimpse of lord Shiva. This mesmerizing instance left me spell bounded. I didn’t want my eyes to blink for even a second. Envisage at single split second was enough for me to increase the count of blessings.


Photo of Karmic call to Enchanting Bhasam Arti- Mahakal by Shruti Mittal

Being to places like these is never a visit to just another place but turnout out to be an eternal confrontation of one with its own self. It is always an exhilarating journey to find “Lost me” and revitalize my energy. It was more than enough to make me realize that life is way beyond this materialistic world and we as “Jerks” are just dancing on the melancholies tunes of life.

I get so curious at times what exactly happens within the four walls of the room that unanticipatedly everything becomes transcendental. Are there any supernatural powers or is it is truly the supreme power which pragmatically drives the ambiance? Is it intentional always that you plan a trip and visit some stones whom people either put ash or milk or sindoor or those stones are the magnetic centers that pulls in some cyclic manner. Questions still remains unanswered.

Conclusively there is something miraculous that is present on the land of snake charmers which is still to be explored.Is it karma or is it "Mahakal" who played all the pieces of soduku and left the last character for you to make you feel win which is always the intention of "Mahakal".