Plan your Trip to Leh-Ladakh best route way- Tips Do's and Dont's

5th Jul 2017

Pangong Lake

Photo of Plan your Trip to Leh-Ladakh best route way- Tips Do's and Dont's by nikhil Satpute

Ladakh is a natures gift to human and its a place which is worth to see in your life, its a sole example of how beautiful mother nature is.

Travel Planning

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Travel Plan well in advance

1. Flight Bookings - If you want your journey not to be too hectic and you don't want to get by roadways till leh then you can book your flight to leh, there are air options available which connects directly from delhi to Leh.

#Note - Plan your days way in advance and book your flight tickets as it will be cheaper, and later on plan for your iternary.

I will recommend while travelling to leh go by roadways from chandigarh.

Chandigarh - roadway - Leh - flight - Chandigarh

2. Travel Resources - You can book your flights from many available websites like MMT, Yatra as they have blocked the seats you will get at a cheaper fare, if you want to plan your whole package through these website, you need to check in detail about the hotles, places which they cover, mostly in their iternary there are things which cost needs to bear by the traveller, so you need to see the reviews.

But here ill guide you perfectly to your ladakh trip no need to look else where.

3. Plan with a group - Ladakh is always preffered to be travelled with a group and a guide as being a total different geography there are things we need to take care if you are inexperienced.

Pack your bags

Essential things to carry on your trip to lakadh

Must things you should pack, carrying too many tshirt jeans on your trip will only increase the weight of your bag, as most of the time you will be needing your jacket, hoodie so ill recommend the following.

Water - Water is the most essential part while travelling in mountains as due to the drop in the oxygen level you will definitely feel dizzy, so here's the tip which i have experienced drink water sip by sip in regular intervals which will help you to maintain your oxygen level and don't starve eat little but more importantly drink good amount of water, include Electral powder/ GluconD as well.

Medicine - Diamox for the safer side before starting your journey to the mountains 2-3 hours before.

Moisturiser/ Sunscreen lotion - On the high alititude in the mountains UV rays of sun are much more stronger which can seriously damage your skin also it gets more intense if you are on the snow as the rays reflect from the snow which burns our skin twice faster, so will recommend to carry a good quality sunscreen lotion.

Sunglasses - Eyes are also affected through the harmfull sunrays on high altitude, so buy an UV protector , poloriod sunshades.

Shoes/ Boots - Shoes are the next important thing you should carry, i'll recommend a good quality sport shoe or best you can have boots which will not slip and hold a grip on ice.

Thermals - Day time will be fine, but as sun goes down temperature will fall drastically specially at so you will need thermal.

Chocolates, Dry fruits - Chocolates and dry fruits are the best sourse for instant energy, rather than carrying chips and other dry materials which will use up your space, also if anyone likes spicy food carry chutney or pickles which is a very good option.

Miscellaneous essential things - Toothbrush, Toothpaste, trimmer, bath shower gel , handsanitizer, tissues, facewash etc.

Clothes - Mostly you will be wearing jackets/ sweaters/ hoodies. Tshirts will not be visible so will recommend carry 2-3 jeans and few tshirts and if you have space remaining don't carry just to showoff.

#tip- you don't sweat on high altitude mountains, so no sweat no bath.

Documents - Carry your ID proof atleast one and few photocopies of it as some of the checkposts its needed, hotel details and booking slips.

Chargers - Camera, mobile chargers, power-bank (should be kept in handbag as it' not allowed inside luggage while in flight).

Cellphone Networks - Please carry at-least one in a group member should have BSNL Postpaid simcard because at Leh you will only get this network/ or in case of emergency you need to use satellite phone which charges for 40rs/per minute.

Travel Route Accommodation, finances and our trip experience:

Ladakh trip should be properly planned well in advance for any last minute changes and plan a trip for around 10 days (if travelling by flight and 15 days if by road from mumbai) for first time experience these no of days are sufficient as at the end of the trip you will really miss your abode food and crave to return back, so anything more than 10 days will just make you more homesick.

Day 1

Our journey started from Mumbai Airport, we had our afternoon flight to Chandigarh, as we were group of 10 we had booked a tempo traveller which is very suitable and efficient.

Chandigarh food and places to eat: We went to a a place called Sukhna lake, lake is not all worth to see but your will get street food here which is very worth eating as a snack.

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by nikhil Satpute

Street food at Chandigarh

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by nikhil Satpute

Street food at Chandigarh

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by nikhil Satpute
Day 2

Manali city - Its an absolute delight to stay at manali, beautiful climate, great view, you will never get bored staying here, availability of food, everything is nice, day 2 was the most relaxing as we had our whole day shopping and leisure time. Its very hectic to travel directly from chandigarh to leh so its advisable to stop at manali, we stayed at #Hotel Vintage.

Hotel Vintage

Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by nikhil Satpute
Day 3

Journey from Manali to Sarchu:

We began our early morning journey from manali had our breakfast, people over there are very punctual if your driver says he will be there by 7 sharp he will be present.

Route was Manali - Rothang Pass - Tandi - Sarchu

Roadmap till Leh from Manali

Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by nikhil Satpute
Day 4

Journey from Sarchu to Leh:

After breakfast we started your morning fresh whole day journey from Sarchu - Nakeela - Lachungla - Pang - Tanglangla - till Leh

Photo of Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh by nikhil Satpute

Nakeela Pass

Photo of Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh by nikhil Satpute

Lachungla Pass

Photo of Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh by nikhil Satpute

Tanglangla Pass

Photo of Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh by nikhil Satpute
Day 5

Finally Leh - Leh is the center point for all the destinations, your travelling will start from here to a destination and back to leh and also this will the last point where you will have network if its BSNL postpaid, later on no network coverage.

After breakfast proceed to Indus & Zanskar river Sangam, drive along the Indus river visiting, Pathar Sahib Gurdwara and Magnetic Hill (where the cars defy gravity), and further on to Leh Hall of Fame (which has a museum of the Kargil War memorabilia)

You will have a leisure evening time for shopping at leh market, note it is very costly to buy anything from this market, but you can buy date palms which you can get of different varieties and its very famous over there

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Photo of Leh, Himachal Pradesh, India by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Leh, Himachal Pradesh, India by nikhil Satpute
Day 6

Leh to Nubra Valley via kharodng la world highest mortable pass

Leh - Nubra Valley- Overnight After early breakfast drive to Nubra valley via Khardongla Pass (18,380ft) the world's highest motorable road and gateway to Siachen Glacier, the views from the top of the pass are amazing. Visit Deskit Monastery (118kms) founded by Lama Sherab Zangpo in 1420 A.D. Check inn at camp or hotel and after that we will visit Hundar village (7kms from Deskit) and Double-Humped Bactrian Camel Safari in sand dunes between Hundar and Deskit villages. Dinner and overnight at Hotel/Camp in Nubra.

Photo of Nubra Valley by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Nubra Valley by nikhil Satpute

Got an opportunity to hear this great personality, though is speech was in ladaki language but few english words were like honey.

Photo of Nubra Valley by nikhil Satpute
Day 7

Nubra valley to pangong Lake via shayok-

After breakfast at hotel we drive to next destination pangong lake via Shyok and onto Tang Tse and Spangmik ( Pangong). It's a short cut and it's a beautiful route. The road follows the Shyok river, and climbs up a mountain before finally descending into Shayok village. It took us less than an hour to reach Shayok, and we were delighted at the sight of the rather big village surrounded by barren mountains, the entire setting being very picturesque. Afternoon we reach at Pangong lake and enjoy your day at pangong lake. Overnight stay at camp.

Campsite at Pangong Lake

Photo of Pangong Lake by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Pangong Lake by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Pangong Lake by nikhil Satpute
Day 8

"Enjoy an enticing sunrise and after breakfast, drive to the road less travelled- The Chushul Village via Merak Village. As you drive along the lake, you get an opportunity to witness the glorious flora and fauna of the place. Often spotted are the wild ass (Kyang), and a number of beautiful birds like the seagull, Brahminy Dark, and the Black Neck Crane.

A significant spot at Chusul is the Chushul Monastery. This is the place where Indian and Chinese armies officially meet for interactions and consultations to avoid face-off. It is one of the four officially agreed BPM (Border Personnel Meeting) Points.The eventful day comes to an end with a return to the camp where you can spend your evening at leisure. We suggest you capture this beauty in your mind and on camera as the sun sets in the background making way for the stars."

#No line of control as such between India-China just mountains, few of the mountains are neither of both

Photo of Chushul by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Chushul by nikhil Satpute

You can see Indian Bunkers which gets active during Code Red.

Photo of Chushul by nikhil Satpute
Day 9

En route, we take a halt at the Druk White Lotus that you will remember from the climax scene of the 2009 film, 3 Idiots. Spend a few hours soaking in the beauty of the place, impersonating Rancho (if you're dramatic like that), and clicking some memorable pictures.As we reach Leh, you can spend the rest of the day at leisure.Overnight stay at the hotel."

Day 10

Tour of Hemis, Thiksey, Shey monastery and Sindhu Darshan-

"If being an explorer sounds more like your cuppa tea, choose this itinerary for the Day 7 of your trip.We visit the largest and the wealthiest monastery in Ladakh, the Hemis Monastery. Understand how and why its different from the other monasteries in the area. As we drive back, we stop at the Thiskey Monastery, which is a treat for your eyes as well as the soul. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance as you see the beautiful Indus Valley encompassing the monastery.After that, we continue to drive through series of chortens to visit Shey Palace- the former summer palace of the King of Ladakh. Sindhu Darshan.Return to Leh for a scrumptious dinner and overnight stay at the hotel."

Photo of Hemis Monastery Museum, Hemis by nikhil Satpute
Day 11

Drop to Leh airport

Leh airport is not that catchy but flying over from leh to delhi is memorising the scenic view of the mountains seems like an ice cone the view should not miss sunrays falling on the mountains its very astonishing.

Total trip inclusive of flights from Mumbai-Chandigarh return flight from Leh to delhi and delhi to Mumbai, Stay, food costs around 50K per person.

#On high altitudes intake of water should be in regular intervals to maintain the oxygen level, so don't compromise on water intake.

#See to it that you or your driver/guide is carrying an oxygen tank.

#If there is uneasiness in breathing, drink some water and sit for a while breathing in an out, like meditating, don't panic.

Photo credits- Milan, santosh, manisha, alpesh, bhakti, alpesh, pratik,punit

Sangeeta Dhaba, Koksar, Leh

Photo of Koksar Bridge, Leh Manali Highway, Himachal Pradesh, India by nikhil Satpute
Day 4

Sarchu is a place where there are no hotels so you need to do camping, but it is well maintained camps.

Sarchu is one of the most beautiful and cold place which is located in between the mountains, you will have an experience like nothing before, camps are surrounded by huge mountains, at night temperature drops down at minus degrees, so you need warm clothes here, this is the coldest spot in our whole leh journey, and this place is active only for few months for tourists, rest of the year its covered with snow.

Photo of Mulkila Adventure Camp, Leh Manali Highway, Leh by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Mulkila Adventure Camp, Leh Manali Highway, Leh by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Mulkila Adventure Camp, Leh Manali Highway, Leh by nikhil Satpute
Day 5
Photo of Hall of Fame, Leh by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Magnetic Hill, Srinagar - Ladakh Highway, Leh by nikhil Satpute
Day 9

Druk White Lotus aka Rancho School

Photo of Druk White Lotus School, Shey by nikhil Satpute
Photo of Druk White Lotus School, Shey by nikhil Satpute

Later on from here we started our journey to Manali, in between for dinner we stopped to a place called Royal tourist dhaba, here you can have both veg and non-veg dishes as its a dhaba you will get food in a huge quantity so order as per requirement and this will be our spicy last meal later on after manali food you will eat will be blunt #no chicken #only egg for non-vegetarians #mostlymaggie.

Dhaba at Chandigarh

Photo of Plan your Trip to Leh-Ladakh best route way- Tips Do's and Dont's by nikhil Satpute

After a heavy dinner we proceeded to a night journey till manali.

#Note -

1. Chandigarh, delhi drivers are very irritating so while booking please take a note of that .

2. Chandigarh is very hot, mostly in the afternoon.

beautiful scenic view, on the way there are places where you can have your lunch at Sangeeta Dhaba @Koksar

This is the one best roadways, you will experience breathtaking views on you way to Sarchu Pass . You can get down at multiple places to click photos as the roadway is much more beautiful to enjoy, day 02 ends with reaching the camp site at sarchu.

#Note - These are not like traditional camps, you will get all the facilities like washroom, proper bed etc.

you can have your lunch at Pang Pass, from here the road follows the Indus River, passing villages with their terraced Fields and neat- Whitewashed houses. On a way one notice the ruins have an ancient Fort or palace or the distant glimpse of gompa on a hill. And at last reaching Leh .Over night in Leh Hotel

#Note - As you are travelling through high altitude mountains, you will feel dizzy, drink water sip by sip by regular intervals / on the safer side take dimox tablet before the start of journey .

#Note - There will ATV rides near magnetic hill ill suggest to avoid this as later on near Nubra Valley you will get the same ATV ride but with better experience as there are sand dunes on which you can drive, where at magnetic hill they say its the largest ATV ride in the world but its just a plan surface not that exciting.

#Note - As you are travelling through high altitude mountains, you will feel dizzy, drink water sip by sip by regular intervals / on the safer side take dimox tablet before the start of journey

Wake up with the rising sun this morning and prepare for your drive to Leh via the Chang La Pass- another one of the high passes in the world.

#Note - You can have your lunch at cafe inside Druk white lotus school they have beautiful snacks.

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