Pulau Pangkor with a Backpack

10th May 2014

It was a very nice trip to Pulau Pangkor.

What made it exciting ?

1. Free fall from a motor bike. The motor bike stood upright on the rear Tyre with 2 guys each weighing 80+ KG's (ended up with just a small scratch on my leg

2. Nice relaxing time at a beautiful beach

3. Rope climbing to test hand strength. This involved climbing right out of the sea into the air using just hands

4. Bicycle facility stating & ending at the Jetty itsel. The keys could just be left on the bike without handing over the bike to anyone. Cool Island security!

5. 2 hour bus ride turning out into a 4 and half hour ride

6. Getting transportation as per our wish to get back in time for Monday Office

7. A full island late night bike round to find our chalet

8. Nice Tom Yam, Grilled Fish (Ikan Bakar), Sirap Limau (Rose Lemon Ice) to re-enrgize after the late night full island chalet search

9. Bike not able to climb up some hilly ascend with 160Kg's sitting on top it