Bhutan: Long weekend trip from Kolkata

Day 1

It is perfect international getaway for long weekend. Take a overnight train from Kolkata to Hashimara.

Day 2

From Hashimara to will get shared or hired cabs to Jaigaon. Jaigaon is the last village from Indian side and you can cross into Phuentsholing, Bhutan side.

Note: If it is Friday you are taking train to Hashimara, get your permits before your travel, since Saturday-Sunday are government holiday and you would not get permits to go any further.

Here you can cross border on foot, just walk into Bhutan. You do not need to pre book cabs if it is not season, you can easily book cabs there. While moving to Paro from Phuentsholing, take a halt at Karbandi Monastery.

Indian and Bhutan border

Photo of Karbandi Monastery, Phuentsholing - Thimphu Highway, Phuentsholing, Bhutan by Shutter.Storyz

It takes approx 4 hours from Phuentsholing to reach Paro. Paro is a beautiful small village in the valley. Surrounded by mountains on all sides and river running by the village. It's peaceful and serene. Our driver recommended, to visit Paro Dzong at night as it is beautiful lit up.

Paro Dzong

Photo of Paro Dzongkhag, Bhutan by Shutter.Storyz
Day 3

Day 3: Today it was time for Tiger's Nest or Taktsang Monastery trek. We had decided to it early by 7, before the sun gets too hot for us to climb. However, it is walk between the forest so sun doesn't bother much. It takes approx 5 hours to finish the trek both way, but if you take a long break at cafe then it would be longer.

Still a long way to the monastery

Photo of Tiger’s Nest/ Takstang Palphug Monastery, Taktsang Trail, Bhutan by Shutter.Storyz

It is not very difficult trek, it is well defined trail. It is bit steep at parts but can be done with small and continuous step. Must thank our driver who was our guide and kept us going.

Almost there to Taktsang Monastery

Photo of Tiger’s Nest/ Takstang Palphug Monastery, Taktsang Trail, Bhutan by Shutter.Storyz

After getting down we had our lunch in Paro and headed to Thimpu. Thimphu is approx, 2 hours from Paro.

Thimphu is like any capital commercial city, unlike Paro. Here visit, Buddha point, Thimphu Dzong and local markets.


Photo of Buddha Dordenma, Thimphu, Bhutan by Shutter.Storyz
Day 4

Day 4: Time to head back home, Thimphu to Phuentsholing is 4 hours and the Phuentsholing to Bagdogra is another 5 hours approx, so we booked an evening flights and started from our hotel by 7 am.

It's a long weekend trip where we cover two famous cities of Bhutan and also do a trek. All in just 3 days and 4 nights. Must have Bhutanese cuisine Ewa Datshi and Kewa Datshi with red rice. You will find lot of fruit vendors on the roads, do buy them for your road journey.

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