My Europe travel diary

2nd Dec 2016


We all have that one memorable trip with the best people in our life. It is full of craziness, adventure and funny incidents. One such trip was my Europe trip.

Closest friends (we have known each other for the last 15 years or so) planned a 15 day Europe trip. We were excited about meeting in a different continent.

When I reached Brussels, I was expecting to see my friend. He was doing his Masters in Aachen. He showed up after almost 3 hours (that’s what happens when you party hard and don’t wake up on time). The other friend also arrived in another hour and we left for Germany.

The train ride perked me up; I almost forgot those 3 hours, alone, roaming around with my luggage, hungry and tired. Why hungry? Because my travel card did not work and I did not have any cash.

Upon reaching Aachen, a small town on German border, the first thing we did was have wheat beer while chatting about the old times.

Then we headed to my friend’s home. The guy decided to take a detour via Town’s Cathedral. My friend is into a habit of taking people to weird hangout spots. He decided to show us the fountain near the Cathedral where apparently he and his friends would take a leak when high.

When we reached there, I decided to finally make myself comfortable. The exhaustion suddenly hit me and I just kept my rucksack on the side.

While we were chatting, a guy appeared and started shouting something in German. Expecting that our friend understood the language, we turned to him. He asked us not to pay attention and that he was just a beggar.

After chatting for an hour or so, we decided to leave. This is when I noticed that the rucksack (one I had kept on the side) was missing.

Everything was gone. My clothes, camera and my tablet. Since I was with friends, this incident didn’t render me helpless.

Our 15 day trip spanned Belgium, Spain and Amsterdam. Each place is fresh in my memory because of different reasons; Amsterdam for getting stoned, Valencia (a city in Spain) for nice chicks, Belgium for getting drunk.

However it is the drives with my friends and our chats that I cherish the most now. This is one trip I would never forget for it has created lasting memories, not just because I was in a foreign land but because at the same time I was with familiar faces. I look forward to creating new memories.

“Memory of each place is kept

I wonder how much wandering is left”

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