Pondy: Not so Boozy.......

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One of the prime booze capitals of India has more to offer to us than just booze .I might sound like a complete booze-kill , but believe me, perceptions can be changed.An amalgamation of dravidian and french culture,this place sings harmony in diversity because you are bound to find a temple or church wherever you go.It is most definitely the wonderland to the men and women behind the lens and it quite inspires you to become one of them too, especially because the houses in white town are like shade cards of yellow hues.

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So I got to stay in this amazing heritage hotel, in the dot centre of pondicherry, which is basically a vintage chettinadu house renovated and refurbished for the likes of the tourist and is owned by a very sweet French lady. This place offers one of the best ambiences for dinner with wind escaping through the splits of your hair ,the chiming temple bell right across the street with the view of the temple which resembles a lit up Christmas tree and a calm pond right next to it.Amidst this serene aura you could enjoy the best seafood in pondy and the prawns are their speciality.

The place where I stayed is right around MG Road and the night life in this market area is so lively .This place comes alive at around dusk with the vendors shouting and selling funky coloured coolers , clothes , hand woven crafts and the pottery products are really good. After a brief excavation ,you could treat your tummy to some great food, there is a wide array available ,you could have chettinad-french fusion cuisine , or a filling french dinner at quirky cafes, gastro pubs and there are dhabas as well .Do not fail to check out this tiny tea shop offering the best tea I have ever had, along with their signature banana cake ,if you are around this place.

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Out of all the beaches you should definitely not miss out on Serenity beach , for sure.I went to the 'SERENITY' Beach around 6:30 I guess ,had a nice and slow stroll along the territories the sea waves were marking on the beach sand.It is least crowded at this point of the day and so you get to soak and play in the chilly sea waters.As you walk down the beach there are rock boulders put up to create sort of a platform for the view of sunrise .Once you reach the end of the rock boulders,you will feel on top of the world,the experience is that exhilarating.so me and my bro sat on the edge of the polished rocks against which the racing waves where hitting ,creating milky foam.Amidst the waves rolling ,the warm vermillion of the sun was engulfing the calm blue skies and we siblings sit there exchanging no words but the most special bonding moment of our life.

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The next place is Paradise Island which will literally bring out the child in you because you could go water zorbing ,kayaking , dance in rain , have a relaxing fish spa etc.,here and this place must be there on your list.The next must visit place is Auroville with it's landmark golden globe,there is a choice to spend some time in the meditation halls or you could just walk around or wander in cycles and window shop in the shops withing the premises.

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The gastronomy culture here is really interesting and you ought to try the the flan , the wide range of baguette and desserts at the 'baker's street'.Wherever you go in Pondy you are bound to find a wood fired pizza place serving authentic Italian pizza , so do not miss out on that. Last but not the least was the Auroville Bakery run by the ashram has great confectioneries ranging from brownies,tarts, pies, day's special bread ,cool flavoured jams,truffle cakes etc .,mind you all of this is freshly baked ???? .It is any dessert lovers heaven.I would put Pondy definitely on the top if I had to plan a budget vacation.