5 Must Visit Forts in Jodhpur

8th May 2022
Day 1

Visit this former abode of the Rajput rulers in Jodhpur and travel back to the ancient days of Rajput reign. From your hotel, you can hop on a rickshaw or a cab that will take you through the meandering roads to reach this famous fort in Jodhpur. Perched on a hilltop around 125 metres high, the fort will open a whole new world to you. Firstly, you can spot seven enormous gates, each built by a separate ruler. If you look at the second gate closely, you will still find imprints of cannonballs that were fired by Jaipur armies during a war. Quite an intriguing sight! Oh, and before you enter the fort, don’t forget to see the gorgeous Jodhpur city from the top. The skyline of the city is a vibrant sight worth admiring from such heights.

Now, let’s enter the fort! Once you are inside the fort, you can start exploring the many palaces where kings used to reside with their families. You can spot the intricate carvings on the walls, ceilings and pillars, that look as good as they’re new. The finesse of the carvings and the architectural creativity will leave you spellbound. Then, head to the museum inside the palace to see displays of ancient relics and commodities used by rulers and soldiers. A little suggestion! If possible, come to this one of the most famous places to visit in Jodhpur in October so that you can witness the renowned Rajasthan International Folk Festival.

Once the capital of the Marwar kingdom, Jodhpur is now a popular tourist destination and a major metropolis. The city has witnessed the rules of many Hindu rulers, especially the Rajputs and has delicately preserved the remnants of its rich history. A huge part of that history can be found in the various forts of the city.

Talking about forts, this city is brimming with some of the most magnificent forts in India. You can visit these forts to truly explore the cultural heritage and history of this city. What’s even better is that you can lodge in some of the spectacular forts in Jodhpur as some of them have now been transformed into heritage hotels.

So, if you wish to witness the towering forts from bygone eras or live inside these forts like a royal, visit Jodhpur on your next trip. So, here’s 5 must-visit forts in Jodhpur to help you figure out your travel plan.

Experience the luxurious lifestyle of a royal family by not only visiting this fort but also residing here. Yes, you can book accommodations at this fort-turned hotel. You will be staying in the rooms and walking in the premises where former kings used to live. How fascinating is that! While approaching the fort, you will feel like gazing at its architectural beauty for a long time. Although it has been turned into a heritage hotel, you can still feel the royal ambience through the fort complex.

When you visit this fort, you must not miss the opportunity to try a royal sport - horse riding! Ask your companions to click some pictures while you ride a horse like a king. And if you like cooking, you can learn it too in the royal kitchens here. You must be hungry now! So, order some delicious dishes while sitting at its premium restaurant. We would highly recommend you try some authentic Rajasthani curries here. After your meal, take a stroll around this fort near Jodhpur and spot its traditional designs and carvings to learn about the creative imagination of ancient rulers and architects.

This is another fort which you can visit and lodge in when you come to Jodhpur. The heritage hotel authorities have restored this former fort to its original glory. From the lawn outside to hotel rooms, you can see details and wares of Rajasthani royalty everywhere! You will love the contrast of traditional decor and furniture in rooms against the modern amenities provided here. After checking in, come outside to take a walk around the fort. Or you may look over the fort courtyard from the gorgeously ornamented jharokhas or balconies. If you book its lake-view room, you can enjoy the mesmerising view of the pristine lake from your balcony.

Time for some amusing activities here. Opt for a village tour organised here to get the true essence of village life in Jodhpur. Among the things to do in Jodhpur, camel riding is a must, and the good news is that you can try it here! Even horse riding is available if you would like to try it out. And for shopping, you don’t need to go outside the fort as there are on-site souvenir and handicraft shops. All in all, you will get a wholesome experience while visiting this fort, with luxury accommodation, interesting activities and high-end services.

This age-old fort has everything to lure you, starting from an array of activities to premium accommodation facilities. But nothing matches its ethereal beauty that will make you fall in love, right at the first glance. At a nominal fee, you can enter the fort complex. After entering, find your way to the museum where you can see all the things that were used by royal families residing here. You can even learn about their lifestyle and the history of this fort on your visit. When you are hungry, go to the open-air cafe to devour delectable food.

In case you are planning to book accommodation here, you can choose from 347 room options. After all, the more options, the better it is! Each room will give you the feeling of royalty. Also, when you are here, you can pamper yourself at the beauty and spa parlour. Another interesting fact! The royal family of Jodhpur stays in a private section of this palace fort.

Whether you lodge in or not, this ancient fort of Rajput rulers is a must-visit for you. When you visit the fort, you will see the rustic look of the fort has been kept intact all over. A major portion of this Jodhpur famous fort has been transformed into a heritage hotel where you can choose to stay. The remaining part houses the present maharaja and his family. Don’t worry, because although the fort has been modified, you can still spot some ruined portions of the fort that let you get a glimpse of how it was originally. On looking carefully, you might even find some remnants from the period when the Rajputs were being attacked by the mighty Mughal rulers.

Once a protector of the Rajput rulers, this fort now promises to be the perfect accommodation for visitors. If you choose to lodge in, pick its luxury suite for a royal staycation. Whichever room you choose, you will be provided with plenty of amenities. Right from the time of check-in, you will be pleased by the hospitality of the staff. When you are here, opt for a rejuvenating spa or order a few refreshing drinks at its pub.

Still here? Go, plan a trip to Jodhpur and once you are there, see how the ancient-age forts are still standing tall with all their glory!