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How to reach Hampi?

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by Amol Sonawane

Description: There is really something miraculous about Hampi that I just can't describe. If you want to know Hampi, stays in Hampi. The Hampi is not only a travel place you can explore its beauty but also its the place you must experience again and again.

Living in an urban area can't feel fulfilling all the time we must need to go out and explore the magnificent beauty of nature. And the traveling places have everything that keeps me motivated every time. But I have already been there lots of times and now I wanted to explore some places I never explored. This is the month of November and my whole year I spent in my home due to lockdown. During this period I tried to explore places nearby my place. I am a solo traveler and I like to explore places solo with my backpack. I like backpacking, explore beautiful places, know about the diverse culture, and try and learn different cuisines. That always makes me inspired to write my travel blog.

The state of Karnataka has lots of amazing places that are ideal for solo traveling and backpacking like Gokarna, Udupi, Dandeli, Mysore, Chikmagalur, and Hampi. Hampi the land of mythology and its history. It was on my bucket list for a long time, because I heard lots of stories about the history and architecture of Hampi. Hampi is located on both sides of the Tungabhadra River and is a scenic location with its rock covered topography, ruins of ancient temples, and historical sites.

Hampi - The Land of Mythology and History

Hampi is also known as the ancient Kishkinda of the Ramayana, the kingdom of monkey, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, and the place where Rama met the monkey king Hanuman, later Lord Hanumana helps him to rescue his wife Sita from the demon who has taken her away to Sri Lanka.

How to Reach Hampi

If you are coming from Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, or Goa you can book a sleeper bus ticket from Redbus. It takes you to Hospet which is the nearest city to Hampi. The distance between Hospet to Hampi is 15 KM. To reach Hampi you can go for a KSRTC bus or Autoriksha ride.

Where to Stay in Hampi?

There are two options for a stay which is either you can stay in Central Hampi or in Hippi Island. Hampi is divided into these two scenic parts. Most of the temples located in Central Hampi and Hippi Island is the place where you can chill out in amazing cafes, enjoy the delicious food of Hampi, rise paddy, and good for nightlife.

How to Communicate in Hampi?

The most convenient ways to travel in Hampi is by using moped bike ride, autorickshaw ride, bicycle ride and by walking is the best way to explore the places nearby. You can hire an autorickshaw for one day also they provide you with sightseeing in Hampi.

What Are Ideal Places to Explore in Hampi?

Photo of Karnataka, India by Amol Sonawane

Virupaksha Temple, Hemakuta Hill, Sasivikalu Ganpati and Kadalekalu Ganpati, Hampi

The Virupaksha Temple is a famous temple in Hampi because it was the place that the Hindu god Shiva and this wife Parvati were married. This is a temple with two towers, brilliant architecture, devoted to Lord Shiva, this is the most important place in Hampi.

Matanga Hill, Achyutraya Temple, and Monolithic Nandi Bull Structure, Hampi

Matanga hill is a pleasant nature's gift in showing us sunrise and sunset. This is just opposite the Virupaksha temple. The sunrise view and view of the Achyutraya and Virupaksha temple from the Matanga mountain is an incredible sight. You can experience the wonderful megalithic old structure at Achyuthara Temple and Hampi Bazaar. A walk into megalithic structure takes you to the mysterious world of Mowgli's jungle book and you can actually feel it. The temple has carvings and inscriptions describing incidences from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables and Guard's Quarters, Hampi

Chitrangi Mahal or Lotus Mahal is one of the magnificent secular structures in Hampi that features a lotus-like design. It is an ancient stone palace structure with a serene garden archway, elegant carvings.

Vitthala Temple, Hampi

The Vitthala Temple is the highlight of Hampi's temple architecture. Even though it was never completed this temple still holds the most incredible. Elaborate marvelous sculptural work, the legendary stone chariot, and the majestic musical pillar. But tourists are not allowed to play the musical pillars to avoid damages.

Tungabhadra River Boating in Hampi

Coracle ride over Tungbhadra River

Photo of Tungabhadra River, Karnataka by Amol Sonawane

If you are in Hampi and you didn't try the coracle ride or beautiful boat ride across the Tungabhadra River it's not possible. You can't wait to try this mesmerizing boating and coracle ride. This is one of the unique boating experience to ride coracle across the Tungabhadra river. A coracle is a traditional boat inside they are made by the cane, and the outer side is coated with leather. People cross the Tungabhadra river by coracle boats which are round in shape like baskets. A coracle ride near Achutraya Temple is so amazing and the people giving so much information about Hampi, its culture, and the temple while riding. That is so amazing and connected you to the place so tightly.

A Glimpse of Rural Life of Hampi

There are lots of temples and buildings around magical Hampi which will require more than two days for a detailed tour. You can try and have a conversation with the local people of the village, they are quite simple, beautiful and friendly. Getting a peek into the life of these villagers provides us with an insight into a lifestyle in the rural area of India. Travel and tourism play a vital part in the economy of Hampi. The women of Hampi make beautiful and colorful crafts and artifacts you must explore how they make them.

Short Note Of Segments of Temple in Hampi

The Royal Centre - (Where Vijaynagar King Stayed) 1. Queens Bath, Pushkarni, Lotus Mahal, Watch Tower 2. Raghunath Temple, Badavi Linga, Ugra Narsinh, Krishna Temple 3. Achyutaraya Temple, Courtesans' Street, Chakratirth 4. Sasivekalu Ganapathi, Kadilekalu Ganapati, Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazar, Monolithic Nandi.

Things You Must Shop in Hampi

Stone Artefacts, Lambani Crafts, Leather Crafts, Musical Instruments, Banana Fiber Crafts, Low-priced Hippie Clothes.

What Are the Best Sunset and Sunrise Points in Hampi?

For Sunrise I recommend you to visit Anjanadri Hill which the birthplace of Lord Hanumana. The sunrise from Anjanadri Hill looks so mesmerizing and breathtaking. For sunset, you can visit Hemakuta, Tungabhadra Dam, and Matang Hill.

What to Eat in Hampi? - Special Cuisine of Hampi - Cheapest Local Food of Hampi

In Hampi, you can get simple yet rich in taste south Indian food at the cheapest rate. I enjoyed the best south Indian food items in Hampi like Idli, Dosa, Appam, Uttapam with flavourful sambar and chutney and veg thali meals for lunch. There are some best places that serve international cuisine in Hampi like Italian, Chinese, Tibetian, and Japanese, and Continental food.

What Are the Costs Details of Hampi Trip?

Mumbai/Pune to Hospet Bus Ticket - 1300 to 1500 Rs Hospet to Hampi - 100 to 150 Rs by Autorikshaw or By KSRTC bus 20 to 30Rs Hippie Island to Hampi Boat Ticket - 20 Rs Centre Hampi Hotel Room - 500 to 1000Rs Per day Hippie Island Hotel Room - 1200 to 3000Rs Hostel for Backpacking in Hampi - Starting from 350Rs Per day Autorickshaw (Whole day sightseeing) - 200 to 300 Per Person, Moped Bike - 250 Rs Per day Tungabhadra River Coracle Ride - 300 to 500Rs Bicycle - 100 to 150Rs Per day. Lunch or Dinner - 200 to 250Rs.

Hampi is not a place you can explore so easily in one or two days you need to stay in Hampi for a long time to know the real Hampi. This solo traveling journey to Hampi gave me an opportunity to the learn history of ancient Vijayanagar the greatest empire of southern India. I explored the stunning invention of nature, architecture, mythology stories, artistic temples, artful crafts of Hampi, delightful cuisine of Hampi, the culture of Hampi, and amazing people. That makes

Hampi so happy.

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