2nd Apr 2019
Photo of EXCERPTS FROM #AFRICA 2 by Krunal Oza
Day 1

How much do you really know about a place if you havent lived there?
How much do you really know about a person if you havent loved them?

Living in Blantyre,Africa #notinthenorth #notinnorth of India was work for me. 9am to 9pm. Buyers Supermarket was open even Sundays and especially public holidays giving people what they want!

I owned a grocery/liquor store and had practically no time off work, but on some days it was fun to work too! Coz days like Bash Day or New Years Eve you could end up selling a million bucks (literally) worth of beer alone from where i was located.
So Bash Day was a marketing event organized by Carlsberg. The event takes place on the Streets. They set up stalls selling beer at wholesale prices on the streets around a certain part of the city and there is live performances on stages too. News of the party goes around the city in the morning when people start closing off an area of the city to set up stages and barricades and of course, beer.
The police cooperate by providing security too but from a past experience of racist attacks against Indians you could get robbed at the event if you arent safe. I had to even sell alcohol from behind a closed door. It is an event where people from all over the city come and get together, there not really any entry fee coz its on the streets. Just get a glass is the dresscode.
I dont have photos of the event because i was too busy selling alcohol and just taking in whats happening to grab my phone to take a video. They say the best moments are when you dont feel like picking up your phone-besides you leave your phone for maybe 30 seconds around people and you might as well wave it goodbye 👋🏾.

Although i was i had time to travel, there were some green areas for me too.

The grass did look greener on the other side of work tho, but we always got a quick slice and got  back to work (sometimes maybe a little late 😂). The store was open everyday while i was there but i still somehow found time for escapades. I think life maybe is sometimes about that one part of the day you look forward to, to break out of a monotony.

Welcoming 2018

Photo of EXCERPTS FROM #AFRICA 2 by Krunal Oza
Photo of EXCERPTS FROM #AFRICA 2 by Krunal Oza

Of course. Talking of green areas and grey areas

Photo of EXCERPTS FROM #AFRICA 2 by Krunal Oza

Is it just me? Or does the grass look greener on the other side?

Photo of EXCERPTS FROM #AFRICA 2 by Krunal Oza