So a village can be named after a fruit...

11th Dec 2014
Photo of So a village can be named after a fruit... by Jagdish Prasad

Isn't it funny when you learn that a village has been named after a fruit "strawberry". Well do not raise your eyebrows; I am indeed speaking my mind.

Such a thing has happened in Meghalaya.

A village called Sohliya has been named after strawberry. Today visitors know this village as a strawberry village, even local people started calling it Strawberry village knowing the fact that it has already started bearing sweet fruits in form of cash inflow.

It is indeed a catchy word. Strawberry is not a common fruit in this area, still giving strawberry name must have some good reasoning.
Sohliya is neither an easy name to remember nor catchy to attract tourist. So the smart people came up with this pretty idea of giving Strawberry name. But how come strawberry, not any other fruit name which villagers grow there.

A graduate village man succeeded in growing best quality organic strawberry in his farm after a lot of hard worked and struggle. Farmers learned the techniques and almost everyone started growing strawberry in their small or big farms. Today they earn comparatively far better than ever before.

So some like minded people suggested strawberry name to the villagers and people accepted it wholeheartedly.
Now only the name "strawberry" has been paying off handsomely. Tourist inflow started into the village with curiosity to learn more about it.
There is not so much, but certainly not less either to feed tourist's eyes. You can witness off-course strawberry farms but tea gardens, flower gardens, tea making factories are the centre of attractions. Besides it is very silent place. One hardly can be contacted as there is no mobile network and internet connectivity. Only sound which replaces your irritating mobile ring to the sweet sounds of birds. "If you are lucky you might see wild birds", as my friend Deepak put it.

I inspired a lot from this whole development/story. It is a great example for the villages who do not have much to sell. I am also thinking on the same lines and considering of giving my village a new name and possibly it will be PAPAYA. But the taste of both fruits do not meet. Well I do not know which one is more sweet. I leave it completely up to you people and your taste buds to decide.