Blue Cave 1/undefined by Tripoto
Anushree Shenoy
The first day that I decided to take the Blue Cave tour, Mother nature decided to dampen my spirits by showering the island with a lot of rain. So obviously with heavy rains & winds, the Blue Cave entry was sealed due to high waves. But that didn't deter me & I tried again the next day & to my luck, the tours were happening. So we headed for the Blue Cave & kayaked through it. What a marvelous experience. Located on the Island of Bisevo, this is among the 26 caves on the island. On entering the cave you will be struck by the blue hues in the cave which are formed by the sunlight reflecting through the waters & bouncing off the white limestone surface. You have to see it to believe it. Apart from this, the tour will also take you through other islands located close by. (Sorry no pictures here as I wasn't armed with a camera, I was just enjoying the spectacle)6) Lazying in one of the many cafes at the HarborWhat is an ocean getaway without the mandatory chill sessions just having a sumptuous meal & a chilled beer. And there are some really nice cozy cafes by the harbor where you can enjoy, make new friends, gaze at the movements around you & enjoy the Croatian sun.