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Partisan Memorial Park Cemetery

Originally a park in the middle of Mostar, this is now a cemetery where resistance soldiers were buried. During the war, the city was completely surrounded, so they couldn’t get to their actual cemeteries to bury the dead. Originally, they planned on this being a temporary burial location, and after the war, they’d move the bodies to the proper cemeteries, based on religion. But after the war, the families all agreed that rather than move the bodies to Catholic, Muslim, or Orthodox cemeteries, they’d keep them here. They were all Bosnians, so they agreed there was no reason to separate them because of religious differences. Some bodies have been moved to the cemetery more recently, as the location of the victims was not always known. In 2007, 20km from Mostar, they found a grave where a group had been executed, by 2008 they had finished DNA testing to identify the bodies and gave them a proper burial. So some headstones have four dates: birth, death, exhumed from mass grave, proper burial.