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Lido Del Faro - Anacapri - Italy 🇮🇹November 2018It was thunderstorm and all movement towards major Tourist location were restricted . Cable car to heaven was shut down .. Blue Grotto was closed and trees started faling on the way .At one particular time I could sense that some gigantic wave would wash me away from surface but that calculated risk is worth anyhow .So today I was having breakfast and suddenly I heard murmuring of two mid age women and they were talking about their plans washed away and their next destination is Sicily where they have kept their luggage but all ferry becomes non operational for now .I just complemented the thoughts since I deadly wanted to talk to someone around and it was a off season so practically we 4 were the only guest at breakfast hall .They were from South America and almost my mother's age .Next to me was a 17 year old German . He was preparing for Army and before that he wanted to travel . Till now I had heard of two things about Germans . First they talk less and second in Europe they are one of most visiting tourists . We just shared the plan for today and went out .Practically all 4 of us went out together but this German boy was following his own itinerary . I just waved him saying we might come across at some point .It started raining and this German guy was with hood and walked swiftly and these two lovely ladies had unbrella in in their hands .Probably that's the good difference when you travel with any lady . They have enough things with them and for me practically forex card and mobile phone is the only thing to carry along.So worries , one of them handed me her umbrella and that's how I considered to go for tour together . And probably my no itinerary theorem goes as sound fit here .I madly wanted to go at Faro after talking with few locals there and they wanted to see places without iota of risk around . People told me it would be severe fast winds and Faro will be a risky affair specially when you go near water .Somehow we concile things together and now it was time to reach Faro & one more place near to shores .Out of two stay behind and one joined me with a condition that I would not go near water . I said OK .She was clicking me there and said If I was your mother I wouldn't have let you come here .I obliged and said let me go down there but I promise I would keep a safe distance from water specially when I don't know swimming .Like Faro another place where there was Restro bar and these waves were tickling the doors and I was with no courage to take this feat and go inside .Even when I gathered the courage to go , this lady stopped me with her pre fixed condition and I had to oblige her by the treaty of Good Faith .Now all four of us see each other through Instagram life and WhatsApp status .Anacapri was 💓
Day 05: Sightseeing at anacapri; chairlift to Mt. solaro, Live like a royal, splurge on a dinner at the Capri Palace and Spa. The only place we encountered where they have a five page menu for ordering water. Frankly, order a couple of dishes, get a few complimentary and just live the experience. Quite unabashedly, that is what me and lazy did.