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Lopud is an island of lush Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, beautiful gardens, parks and beaches and is one of the most developed islands for tourism in the Dubrovnik region. In the past, it was an island of captains, which provided the most sailors for the navy of the Dubrovnik Republic. The famed sailor and ship owner Miho Pracat lso was also from Lopud. The town of Lopud is on the island of the same name, which is a part of the Elaphite archipelago. The town is situated in the center of a wide inlet with spacious pebble beaches. Palms, cypress and citrus trees and gardens with subtropical plants that grow well here surround the stone houses. Accommodations are available in private rooms, apartments and two hotels. Lopud is a quiet island and is a perfect place for those wanting to vacation in peace and quiet in a natural landscape.