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Day 6: Mostar, Bosnia and HerzegovinaAfter enjoying the beauty and charm of the coastal Croatia, head inland towards the historic city of Mostar. The most iconic attraction of Mostar is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stari Most, or Old Bridge. The bridge was reconstructed in 2004 after being destroyed by the Croatian force during the Balkan Wars in 1993. Before then, the same bridge had connected the two sides of Mostar for over 400 years.
Aman Narang
Jaw dropping beauty, aesthetics, culture, history and emotion. This little town in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an unmissable experience! #MyKindaCity
Riya Dosani
• Day Trips to Split/Montenegro/Lokrum/Bosnia and Herzegovina are all available from Dubrovnik. I decided to visit Mostar on my 2nd day and, although it’s a neighbouring city, the charm of Bosnia is as unique as Dubrovnik.
Crossing into Bosnia and Herzegovina the next day brought on a drastic change. Mosques started showing up in villages instead of just churches, cars from the 90s were traded for cars from the 70s, houses were far more utilitarian…but there were still plenty of stray dogs. I arrived in Mostar (unofficial capital of Herzegovina) and had plenty of the day left to see a bit of the city. In 1992, the Serbian Orthodox church (in eastern Mostar) was destroyed. Today, they are just now starting to rebuild the church.The ruins of the original church are still at the site. They were able to retrieve the church bells from the rubble, which will be used again in the new church.