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Fabio Nodari
Ohrid is certainly the most evocative of all the state and one of the finest in the Balkans. The city is located on the eastern shore of the lake of the same name that is one-third to two-thirds Albanian and Macedonian. And 'one of the oldest lakes in Europe and certainly one of the most clear: despite being surrounded by villages, the water is as clear as in the Alpine lakes. It 'also one of the deepest reaching approximately 300m.The first day you set out to explore the old town. On top of the hill there are the walls of the castle of Car Samoli and worth a stroll to admire the breathtaking views.Once at the top you can get off along the forest trail that will take you to the church of Saint Panteleimon, a very unusual building.Built as a basilica, was changed during the Byzantine and Slav, then destroyed and turned into a mosque by the Ottomans. currently are in the course of work in the surrounding space to build a school of theology. We'll see if the final project will respect the architecture of the church.Continuing on the path you will find yourself in front of the symbol of Ohrid: the church of Sveti Jovan Kaneo. Perched on a rock overlooking the lake is one of the most picturesque views of the Balkans.On the second day you can take a boat trip on the lake and buy some souvenirs. Unlike most tourist places, in Ohrid you can still find something authentic, as some shops working metals and paper in hand.For lunch you can dedicate to the local cuisine. They are very good dishes based on fish from the lake, but avoid eating the Ohrid trout, a species in danger of extinction.If you still have a few days it may be worth making an excursion in the Prespa lakes, where it nests the Pelican Riccio.