Skopje 1/undefined by Tripoto


Fabio Nodari
Skopje is not very big: about 670,000 people living there and architecturally is not particularly interesting. It 'been repeatedly destroyed by devastating earthquakes and finally ruined, perhaps did more damage than the earthquake, Tito and typical communist architecture he loved so much. Despite this there are some pleasant surprises.the city is bisected by the Vardar River, to the south are the new neighborhoods and to the north the old town (Carsija) and the older buildings that have withstood the earthquakes.The city center is Plostad Makedonija, the main square. The pedestrian zone stretching from the square to the old town to the old bazaar of Carsija (the old town).Before continuing on the stone bridge is worth making a detour to the right to see the beautiful town museum surrounded by dozens of statues.Continue towards the old town where you will find the largest bazaar in the Balkans. Wander aimlessly for a while 'and you will surely be surprised by how many jewelers and clothes shops (very tacky) you will find along the main street.When you'll be tired of walking you can dedicate to one of my favorite activities: try the local cuisine. In Carsija you can enjoy the best Kebab in the Balkans. Do not miss the opportunity, perhaps accompanied by local beer Skopsko. Compared to our Kebap, that Macedonian is a bit 'different, is served on a plate and served with hot peppers are eaten raw, onions, bread and salad. The Macedonian salad is not exactly as you would expect: no salad! In its place there are tomatoes and cucumbers cut into cubes and covered with a mountain of grated cheese. Different from the usual but I liked it very much!