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Main Street

Wagoners Abroad
After the tunnels, we had covered a lot of uphill and downhill ground, and we were ready for a change. We had read/heard that shopping in Gibraltar is great. There’s no VAT (sales tax), so there’s all these great deals, so on and so forth. The big shopping area is off Main Street, so we decided to park the car, and check things out. It’s a charming part of town, but as we’re not big shoppers, it wasn’t really such a huge deal for us. We went into shops here and there, and found some stuff that we remembered from our days living in London (Ribena, Cadbury Flake, etc.). One of the things I miss about England is being able to go into a pub and getting a really good Chicken Kiev with some pub chips (french fries). Yum! So as we were walking by the numerous restaurants/pubs, I was on the lookout. One of the last places I looked at had it, so we stopped for a meal. Bev was hankering for some fish and chips, so she ordered them to go. How was it? It was OK. Not the best, but decent. After eating, we were all on the mellow side, and decided to head back to the car. On our way back to the car park, we stopped at the multi-story mall, and looked around. While Bev was wandering around, I found a puzzle book of the variety that she likes, and some Cadbury Eggs (love ‘em!).