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Hyde Bank Tunnel

Mark Bratt
Day 3 This morning there may be an opportunity for an early morning wooded walk to 14th century Chadkirk Chapel, before carrying on through Hyde Bank Tunnel. Hyde Bank is a 300m tunnel which would have originally been “legged” through; using manpower alone to take the old working boats through whilst the horses were led over the hill. The highlight of this mornings cruise is Marple Aqueduct; a 94m long aqueduct which carries us high above the River Goyt. This stunning 200 yr old aqueduct is one of the engineering feats of the canal, and we have plenty of time for photo opportunities on and off the boat. Immediately after the aqueduct is the Marple lock flight; a tough but picturesque series of 16 locks, which lifts us 65 metres in 1.6 km, taking around 2.5 hours depending on traffic and your fitness! We’ll moor somewhere around Marple for the evening.