5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer


Rajasthan is indeed the land of enchantments. The moment you set foot, you are sure to feel a definitive aura about the place – deep submerged in history, culture, and (of course) good food, there’s hardly any doubt as to why it is one of the most sought after Indian travel destinations.

From the majestic forts and palaces to the mountain panorama visible mostly throughout the state, it is hard to keep yourself from falling in love with the charisma. Among all these, however, there is one such place that seems to capture our attention at the moment – Amer!

Tucked away at a distance of just 11 km from the sybaritic city of Jaipur, the palace is the most eclectic and one of the oldest in India. It has underground tunnels that serve as a link to the neighboring Jaigarh Fort and houses six main sections which include the eloquent Sheesh Mahal or palace of mirrors. So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at things that you should not miss while at the Amber Fort.

The City Palace, Jaipur

Photo of Amer Fort, Devisinghpura, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

1. Capture the moments at Jalebi Chowk

The first thing that you would come across while entering through the Surajpole gate would be Jalebi Chowk. Now, if you thought the chowk has something to do with its namesake Indian sweetmeat, well then, it’s not so. The word Jaleb here means ‘open ground’, and it is where the supposed public gatherings or as we call sabha were held during the time of Rajputs. If you wish to capture the true architectural excellence of Amer, there’s no better place than this!

Tip: Be sure not to touch/lean against any of the pillars while photographing since that can lead to their damage.

Intricate carvings in one of the windows of a building at Amer

Photo of 5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

2. Architectural Pleasure of Diwan-i-Aam & Diwan-i-Khaas

The tastefully-done Diwan-i-Aam or hall of commons is one of the most prominent and must-see complexes among the City Palace interiors. Built by Mirza Raja Jai Singh, the complex has about 40 pillars and the hall is divided into three parts with nine bold arches, each of which is equally rapturous. The carvings on the pillars and arches are a symbol of intricate craftsmanship and lend a subtle gleam to the otherwise plain structure. Towards the left of the hall lies the Aravalli range which makes the site a thorough visual treat!

Moving on to the Diwan-i-Khas, well, we knew not how words could do justice to its beauty! Adorned with marble floors and rambunctious chandeliers, this one is the most delightful part of the city palace. The Sheesh Mahal that is perhaps the most significant building out here, will surely charm you with its elegance! Ceilings set with classic little mirrors among paintings and flowers made of glass and precious stones are said to have been inspired by the timeless Persian rugs. Among all the structures present at the Amber Fort, this one indeed is the most charismatic!

Tip: The best place to take photographs in Amer is perhaps the Sheesh Mahal, due to its kaleidoscopic appeal.

Finery at the Sheesh Mahal. Seen here is one of the ceilings inspired by Persian Rugs

Photo of 5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

Chandelier at the Diwan-i-Aam: An example of the erstwhile Maharaja's refined decor-ideas

Photo of 5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

3. An evening in Sukh Niwas

The Sukh Niwas or ‘Hall of pleasure” is an epitome of modernization amidst the rich ancient atmosphere of Amer. The walls of the structure, which can be approached through a sandalwood door, are inlaid with fine marble work that automatically lends a soothing ambiance. To top it all, an artificial stream flows between apertures which run through the edifice, keeping the environs cool, as in an air-conditioned atmosphere. This helped to keep the palace interiors cozy and comfortable during the summer months. But, the most beautiful part of the Niwas lies not in its interiors but in the Charbagh-style garden that adorns the entrance. Perfect place to enjoy a wonderful evening indeed!

Amer Mahal interiors 

Photo of 5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

4. View from Surajpole Building-Top

Now, if you thought Amer is all about the much talked about light and sound show, then it’s time to rethink your views! The moment you scale the Surajpole building, you have the most charismatic view of the town right in front of your eye! A sight to behold (especially if you’re blessed with clear skies and a glistening twilight)! As we set foot on a small balcony towards the back-end of the terrace, the most brilliant sight of the Aravallis coupled with the fort auditorium took our breath away! Worth the visit indeed!

View from the top-floor of Surajpole Building

Photo of 5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

5. Light & Sound Show at the Fort auditorium

The best way to end your tour at Amer is by catching the enthralling light and sound show at the open-air audience hall of the palace! The stillness of the night, ice-cold benches, and the most marvelous reverberation created by the play dialogues, which speaks of Jaipur’s rambunctious history, are worth the hit! You can enjoy this extravaganza in both English and Hindi, making it the most sought-after affair for tourists. So, sit back, immerse yourself, and get lost in the awe of Amber Fort

The fort lit up during the light and sound show

Photo of 5 Things You Should Not Miss In Amer by Shivangi Chatterjee (the_bongcolleen)

Tip: The show timings for the English & Hindi slots are from 7-8 & 8-9 in the evening respectively.