Backpacking in Bikaner

10th Sep 2014
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Must Visit Place
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Bhandesar Jain Temple
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Bikaner Station
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Junagarh Fort
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Deshnok: Karni Mata temple
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Kodemdesar Bhairav Nath
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Lalgarh Palace
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Camel Farm

The austere grandiose city of Bikaner was founded by the son of Rao Jodha of Marwar, Rao Bikaji in 1488 AD. The old city of Bikaner stands on a slightly raised ground encircled by an embattled wall with five gates. Till date, its magnificent forts and palaces bear testimony to its rich and architectural legacy. Walk through the city lanes and colorful bazaars, the remains unearthed in the site still show the extent of economic prosperity and political status that once existed indicating high developed society. This was the first destination of my trip. 2 days in Bikaner and I better utilize it well.

Many people remember Bikaner only for its Bhujia but this desert city of Rajasthan has a lot more to offer. It has the magnificent Junagarh Fort, Sand dunes, amazing temples, palaces and museums. If these things interest you, then Bikaner is a must visit.

Here are a few quick notes on what to do in Bikaner and how to take a quick trip through this vibrant desert city:

This 600 year old temple is dedicated to Karni Mata the reincarnation of Goddess Durga. The most interesting thing about the temple are the rats who scamper freely within the precincts. They are regarded as sacred and are fed by priests and devotees. There is a belief that if you have plague it will get cured easily if you will share your food with these rats inside the temple. Also, if you get to see the white rat then you are really lucky as because it resembles to God.Entry fee: NILHow to Reach: 30 kms from Bikaner; Bus are available from Museum CircleRecommended Length of Visit: 1 hr.Tips: Go in the MorningFacts: Rats everywhere inside the precincts.

Built in 1588 AD by Raja Raj Singh, a general in the army of Emperor Akbar. This palace is made in red sandstone and marble which makes a picturesque ensemble of courtyards, balconies, kiosks and windows dotted all over the structure. It’s a normal fort and more than fort I will call it a palace.Entry fee: 50INR for Indians and 300INR for foreignerHow to Reach: Take autoRecommended Length of Visit: 1 hr.Tips: Go in the MorningFacts: Don’t expect much.

It’s a must see. But now it’s been converted into a hotel. As you enter from main gate take a left turn, you will see a museum. That museum is a must visit.Lalgarh, a red sand stone palace built by Maharaja Ganga Singhji in the memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singhji in 1902 AD. It is entirely a hybrid architecture- a mixture of different elements of Rajput, Muslim and European styles by Col. Sir Swinton Jacob. The amazing carving on red sandstone is a hallmark of great craftsmanship.Entry fee: 25INR for Indians and 50INR for foreignerHow to Reach: Take autoRecommended Length of Visit: Max 30 minutesTips: This museum is a must visit.Facts: The architecture can also be characterized as Indo- Saracenic style.

It’s a must visit. Spend some time with the corps. Of the desert. The farm extends to over 2000 acres and is managed by Central Government. You will get many souvenirs made from Camel bone. Also, you can try out camel milk and sweet made out of that milk. I saw it for the first time so I was really amazed. It is situated on the outskirts of Bikaner around 10 kms from city.Entry fee: 30INR for Indians and 100INR for foreignerHow to Reach: Around 10kms from Bikaner city.Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hoursTips: Try out Camel milk and Kulfi made out of that milk

Beautiful 15th Century A.D. Jain temple dedicated to the 5th Tirthankara Sumatinath Ji. No stones have been used in the foundation of this temple but 100 mounds of Ghee and coconuts are used. The amazing carving on red sandstone and gold leaf paintings are noteworthy. It’s a must visit temple. From top of the temple you can have the full 360 degree Panoramic view of this Old city of Rajasthan.

An Interesting story behind this Temple· He was the 5th Avatar of Lord Shiva· Also mentioned in Shiva Puran· He was the born out of Bhruguti ( the place in between the two eyebrows)· He was the Ugra roop of Lord Shiva( means the fierce Shiva , was born to kill all the Demon)The Temple was built by Rao Bikaji after he arrived from Jodhpur. The temple doesn’t have any doors, so it is always open. Behind the temple one big lake is there. You will find many bairagi sitting, offering their prayers to Bhairav.Entry fee: NILHow to Reach: Around 30kms from Bikaner city, on the Bikaner Jaisalmer Highway NH-15Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hoursTips: Always go in the evening.