Bhangarh The Haunted Fort

10th Jul 2019
Photo of Bhangarh The Haunted Fort by Manjeet Rohilla
Day 1

Hello friends, Today i am sharing my trip to Bhangarh (Most Haunted Place in the world). So the story begins, I was at Alwar city in Rajasthan drinking beer in the night with friends, we were talking about to go somewhere for fun. One of my friends suddenly told us that, "We are going to Bhangarh tomorrow in the morning at 8am". We were like Oh so we are going to Bhangarh which is in the list of Most Haunted Place in the world. That commitment of my friend was very hilarious for me. I was very excited and yes we all are very much excited to go there. After we finished beer we were discussing how will we go there ?. We have two Foreginers freinds with us from Argentina that night. So there were excited too. So after sometime we went to sleep but i was excited that time so it was lil bit difficult for me to sleep easily. But after sometime i slept

Day 2

So it was 8am in the morning we all are ready with my brother, my cousin, Timon and Rocio (Our friends from Argentina). We are informed that our taxi was 600m away in the bazar from our room because it was difficult to come in the street as the streets is very narrow. So we went to bazar and found our taxi. So we started our trip to Bhangarh. And we are very happy and excited. Playing some songs dancing and laughing going straight towards Bhangarh. After sometime we stopped our taxi and bought some beers to make our mood On Cloud Nine. So as we reached Bhangarh and it was looking Haunted from outside. We went inside of it, the time was 1:10pm in the afternoon but still it was looking Haunted, i can surely say that if no would be there in the afternoon You will be Scared to be alone there. Yes
So we went more inside of it exploring it and spent some time there. Captured photos there
So the Curator don't allowed anyone there after 5pm. So we left from Bhangarh at 4pm. And it was great experience for me.
Thanks this was our trip to Bhangarh

Photo of Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India by Manjeet Rohilla
Photo of Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India by Manjeet Rohilla