Spiti – An abode of Gods, as this is no place for men!

28th Oct 2016
Photo of Spiti – An abode of Gods, as this is no place for men! 1/1 by Harsh Garg


Its not just another place or a breathe taking holiday spot. It's a dream... One that you would never want to wake up from.

A place with literally no roads, no internet, no network and more or less zilch connection to the outside world – want to go there for a holiday? Well, at first you might think -probably not! Mainly because these elements are the prerequisites that sway our routine. And in pursuit of these little Human defined necessities, we often ignore what magic this mother earth has concealed in its hat for us. It takes either of the following two emotions to even dare to think of such a trip - Madness or surprise. You either go there because you are insane enough to or because you don’t know what you are going to encounter and you let it hit you by surprise. Mine honestly, was the second one.

Photo of Spiti – An abode of Gods, as this is no place for men! by Harsh Garg

We started from Manali and once we continued ascending uphill towards Spiti, very early we realized that this place is not “just another get-away”. By the time we reached Rohtang pass, I already started experiencing Goosebumps by the scenery thrown in front of me. It was as if God took his own time to design each valley, every mountain, every inch of this allurement - Unparalleled landscapes and his architecture, at its supreme best. Seemed like a beautiful dream about living in such a place is portrayed in a large canvas and is placed in front of me to irk me as a realization of what I have been actually missing all my life. Gradually, not very far from Rohtang pass, Human intrusion comes to an end and you are left to witness the most artistic gift God to offer.

Photo of Spiti – An abode of Gods, as this is no place for men! by Harsh Garg

You certainly will have moments when everything else in this world will become absolutely irrelevant and worthless as compared to what you are experiencing. I too had a small fraction of time as my first ever encounter with a naked sky full of shooting stars and galaxies twirling and taking pride in their beauty.

Mouth wanted to say something but everytime it opened, mind failed to find the correct fit of words to explain what seemed to be unthinkably beguiling for the eyes. Describing it in sentences would have demeaned the very beauty of that moment as no plausible combination of words in any language of this world could even closely justify the breathtaking view which even God watches from afar taking utmost pride in his creation.

Photo of Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India by Harsh Garg

Spiti-in nutshell is the land where you stop breathing and start living and for a time, come closer to life. Maybe because it is still too far from the nasty so called "Realistic World" we live in or maybe because it is still untouched by human desideratum of Urbanization or Globalization and is still in its purest, most beautiful forms. Whatever maybe the case, i hope it remains as it is till the moment mankind breathes because it is amongst one of those rarest places on the globe which makes you want to actually live again. I never thought I would find my world so far and detached from the one I am bound to breathe in. I certainly forgot a small part of me in those valleys. A part which is still wandering somewhere in those mountains with his mouth wide open in awestruck and eyes denying to even blink in a dread that they might miss a small fraction of the inconceivable magic they were witnessing.

Photo of Spiti – An abode of Gods, as this is no place for men! by Harsh Garg

Every soul, every mile their whispers a story worth cherishing. A story which fills all the voids inside you and makes you whole!